Jew Ben Stein Claims Hatred Against Jews Exists in Media Even Though It is Almost Entirely Run by Jews

Daily Slave
July 23, 2014

Portrait of Ben Stein
Ferris Bueller’s teacher is one insane and angry Jew.

The Jewish actor and political commentator Ben Stein is claiming that hatred against Jews exists in the media even though it is mostly run by Jews.  Stein would further claim that Jew hatred especially exists in the so-called elite media which needless to say is also dominated by Jews.

Stein further claims that the media has not been fair to Israel during the IDF’s slaughter of Palestinian women and children.  Obviously this is a ridiculous statement as Jewish propaganda is promoted endlessly on American media outlets.  Rarely do these organizations interview someone from the Palestinian side let alone someone from Hamas to get their perspective.

What is interesting is that Stein himself even admits that the media has a large Jewish component so everything he says is a contradiction.

Stein is at least partially correct on one point.  It is true that there are some Jews in the media who have been marginally critical of Israel and this appears to be because there is a fundamental disagreement among Jews over what Israel is doing right now.  The Jews who are criticizing Israel seem to believe that what they are doing in Gaza is counter productive and is causing a backlash against Jews.  Jews like Stein believe that Jews should have a uniform front in defending everything Israel does because a significant number of people already understand that the media is dominated by Jews.  He thinks that these facades are ineffective at fooling the gentile public.

Stein goes on to cry about the Holohoax, anti-Semitism, White Protestant males and other madness.  He even complains about John Kerry and mentions his Jewish racial lineage.

His remarks are very interesting because they really show the insane nature of the Jewish mind.  The Jew media has obviously been pushing all sorts of pro-Israel propaganda yet Stein is upset at the small number of Jews who are providing even the smallest amount of impartial coverage.

From NewsMax:

The mainstream media exhibit a disturbing malice for Jews that smacks of anti-Semitism, actor, economist and commentator Ben Stein tells Newsmax TV.

“There’s just a certain amount of Jew hatred in the media, especially in the elite media, that cannot be overcome or explained away,” Stein said Tuesday on “The Steve Malzberg Show.”

“The media in this country for a very long time has been contemptuous of Jews and contemptuous of Jewish life,” Stein said.

“This was true during the Holocaust, when the media was largely controlled by old, lying, wealthy, white Protestant males, and it’s true now when it’s controlled by mostly left-wingers.”

Stein, a former speechwriter for Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and an actor in such films as “Ghostbusters II,” said media defenders try to “pretend it’s not anti-Semitism, it’s really anti-Israel, but it’s really anti-Semitism.”

Just as upsetting is the fact that Jews themselves have key positions in today’s media, he said.

“The media likes to portray Jews as bullies and murderers and . . . it’s kind of amazing to me, because so much of the media is Jewish,” he said.

“Some of that media is very, very good. I mean, I look at people like [The Weekly Standard founder] Bill Kristol, he’s absolutely fabulous. But there’s a deep-seated self-hatred, especially [among] the New York City elite media.

“They want to show they’re not Jewish by being anti-Israel, and it’s not going to work. We know they’re Jewish and we know that they’re not being fair to their own people, but they’ll keep doing it.”

Stein said the media has unfairly slammed Israel for its military strikes against Hamas, which last week fired rockets at key Israeli cities.

“We’re supposed to think there’s something wrong with them for defending their country,” said Stein, who is also a Newsmax contributor.

“Every story about the war in Gaza should begin with ‘Hamas started it, Hamas endlessly refuses to have a ceasefire.’

“Hamas could have an incredibly prosperous and happy, peaceful partnership with Israel, and they don’t, they prefer to fight, they prefer to kill.”

Stein lashed out at Secretary of State John Kerry for his sarcastic off-camera remark about Israel’s military strike against Hamas in Gaza as “a hell of a pinpoint operation.”

“Terrible, shocking, shocking. Kerry is a perfect example of everything we have talked about, because Kerry is Jewish – ethnically,” Stein said.

“Yet he is so eager to push an image as a WASP gentile and to look down his nose on Israel. He is sort of a perfect specimen of the kind of behavior we’re talking about.’

The Jews literally admit to running the media.

So why so serious, Ben?