Jew Bankers to Stage Bank Collapse Simulation

Daily Slave
October 12, 2014

Jewess Janet Yellen and Jew Jack Lew are two of the top Jews currently Jewing America with their Jewish debt usury scam.

A number of Jewish bankers and financiers including Jewess Federal Reserve Head Janet Yellen and Jew Treasury Secretary Jack Lew are expected to stage a simulation of a large bank collapse.  The purpose of this exercise is to see if they can keep their debt based usury system from falling apart if a big bank failure occurs.

The banking and financial industries have been controlled by various Jewish interests for years.  The Jews have devised a monetary system based entirely off of debt based currency that is created out of nothing.  They charge governments interest on top of each debt based currency to enslave nations and peoples.  This is why we see the nations of the world struggling to pay interest on billions if not trillions of dollars of debt.  The debts themselves are illegitimate because these monetary systems are based entirely off of fraud.  It also makes these monetary systems susceptible to collapse.

Removing usury and debt based money from the monetary system would resolve most if not all of the economic problems that we have.  It would free up tremendous amounts of capital that could be used to finance vast infrastructure projects that could put people to work.  This has been proven true at various times in American history and most notably in Germany during the 1930s.