Jew AIPAC: Reporters not Allowed to Cover “Press Freedom Panel”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2017

AIPAC: kiking American since 1963.

AIPAC is considered to be the most influential foreign policy lobby in the United States, and for good reason. It’s the one lobby pretty much all politicians must bow down to if they want to avoid a relentless Jewish campaign of bile and slander.

However, the power of this horrible European-style socialist organization has become more and more high-profile in the past years, and public discontent has grown.

With the rise of populism and the alt-right, AIPAC is probably reaching a peak in paranoia.

They definitely want as little media coverage as possible.


The American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) barred journalists from a panel on press freedom at its annual policy conference in Washington, DC, on Sunday.

AIPAC is one of the most influential pro-Israel organizations in the United States.

Allison K. Sommer, a journalist for the left-wing Israeli daily newspaper Ha’aretz, tweeted Sunday that AIPAC’s panel on press freedom — on which she spoke — was closed to the media. She added the hashtag: “#irony”.

Ron Kampeas, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency bureau chief for Washington, DC, retweeted Sommer’s news, and agreed with her: “Barring press from hearing reporters is as weird as it gets. But also: in previous years press was barred from those sessions Aipac attendees paid extra for. But we got into all basic fee sessions except for lobbyist training. This is new.

Also telling is the fact that both of the outlets mentioned – Haaretz and JTA – are Jew-oriented ones. Those are the ones most eager to get information about the conference, since Jews know of its importance. Mainstream outlets tend to give it less coverage, and minimal commentary.

CNN only has one story covering the event, and makes no commentary as to the nature of AIPAC or what goes on there.

Ahead of the conference, the New Jersey Jewish News announced that it would not be covering the event precisely because of AIPAC’s treatment of journalists. In an editorial, the paper declared:

AIPAC has a long history of being wary of, and less than friendly toward, the press. Members of the media enter the AIPAC convention through a separate entrance and must be accompanied by staff to proceed to the main area where sessions are held — and, at times, even accompanied to the rest rooms. Such treatment doesn’t foster trust and mutual respect. AIPAC officials say the press is overly critical in its coverage of the lobby; maybe there’s a reason that goes beyond political ideology. Trying a more open approach could help.

The new alt-media means that if there are things AIPAC doesn’t want public, they can’t even afford to allow Jew media outlets access to the event. This is because even if the New York Times, WaPo and CNN don’t report on it, we’ll read the Israeli/Jew-for-Jew newspapers and spread the information to a very large audience.

We’re at a critical time when public feelings about Jews are at an all-time low. They definitely jumped the shark with their wildly unpopular gun-grab initiative and mass censorship of conservative accounts across social media.

It’s no wonder they want to attract as little attention to the most powerful Jewish lobby organization in America right now, lest the goyim start connecting some dots in their minds.