Jesus Can Even Save a Sickening Jew

The above video is from Brother Nathanael, a Jew who became disgusted with the Jewish people and became a Christian.

I ran across this video on BitChute, having not seen the Brother in a while. Watching it, I was struck by how good it was, and was struck by the fact that this man, a Jew, is able to produce such truth. I have been suspicious of the Brother in the past, and you can I’m sure find me writing that. But he’s been doing the same thing for years on end now, and continued to tell the truth. I just want to give him credit for that. It does show that even a sickening Jew can be saved by Jesus Christ.

Of course, there are other Jews who I appreciate the work of. It is very rare, but there are some. However, all of them have very Jewish faults:

  • Glenn Greenwald is a fantastic journalist, and has all of the right positions on American politics – however, he is also a homosexual (and not in the closet either – he openly promotes man-on-man anal and even “adopted” gay children with his gay husband). He is also probably a communist.
  • Noam Chomsky has some good things to say about war and advertising, but is an open communist.
  • Norman Finkelstein has some good information on the industry of the Holocaust and the state of Israel, but believes in gas chambers and is also probably a communist.
  • Dr. Andrew Kaufmann has great information on the virus hoax and several other health-related issues, but also promotes new age gibberish. To his credit, he does promote the figure of Jesus as an inspiration, but will not openly profess Christianity. (I don’t think he is a communist, however.)
  • Dave Smith is okay on several issues, but he’s a libertarian cultist, believing in the most absurd ideological gibberish (dumber even than communism).

Brother Nathanael avoids any of these pitfalls. His entire presentation is sound. I think it is absolutely Jesus who did it.

There is another such Jew I’m aware of.

In 1961, a Jew who became a Christian, Benjamin Freedman, gave a good speech about the connections between Judaism, communism, and Zionism, all of which have their roots in the Talmud. He predicted, exactly 60 years ago, that the Jews would cause a third world war using the Zionist plot. He also said that the Jews would take all of our freedoms away in America and create a global government.

He said John F. Kennedy was going to start WWIII. But aside from the timeline, he was on point. (It’s been a while since I’ve listened to this – I think he might also go into the Khazar thing, which I do not agree with, as well as probably some other pre-internet conspiracies that have been disproved by the freeflow of information.)

It is very quaint that before the speech starts, the man introducing him calls him “a former Jew – and I do mean former.”

I think this is key.

Brother Nathanael might be the only legitimate living convert from Judaism to Christianity. Or you may meet another one some day. But the fact of reality is that Jews have been bred over thousands of years to be filled with evil.

Over the history of the Jews, they lived amongst Christians. Any Jew could, in theory, simply give up the Jewish cult and marry a Christian. Some of them did that, every generation I’m sure, just like Brother Nathanael. However, after so many years, all of the genes for conversion were bred out of them, and they became purely of the cult. That is how they became so evil – breeding with each other, and dropping any genes from anyone who didn’t want to be a part of the cult.

The Jews are a people purpose-bred to be separate from God.

Brother Nathanael is important because he is the exception that proves the rule. When you see a Jew who has become a Christian, you realize that any Jew could in theory do this – but they don’t.

That is what I tell you about these “right-wing” Jews: if they are “right-wing,” then why do they not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? “Judaism” is quite literally a satanic cult based on the rejection of Christ. When these people like Ben Shapiro or Joel Pollock (of Breitbart) come out and claim to be right-wing, but also their “Jewish identity” is just a series of traditions and actually it’s pretty much like Christianity somehow, they are lying to you. The Jewish religion is satanic, and no one associated with it can have any good in them.

The only “good Jew” would be one who denounces Judaism and embraces Christianity. Yet, we can almost never find such a Jew. Of all the Jews, it must be less than 0.00001% that embraces Christianity.

The church is open. It is indeed the belief of Christianity that anyone on earth can accept Christ and be saved. But the Jews, as a race, simply are not interested.

Believe it.

You can watch other videos from Brother Nathanael on his BitChute channel.