Jesse Lee Peterson Destroyed Beyonce’s Uppity Father

On June 26, Jesse Lee Peterson, who is /ourblackguy/, interviewed Mathew Knowles, the father of Beyonce Knowles, famous black bitch.

The interview, like most things that Jesse Lee Peterson is involved in, was amazing. It’s really a shame that it had to be done over Skype because of the coronavirus hoax, because this bitch Knowles was able to easily escape by just turning off his camera. He probably would have had a much harder time escaping if he was forced to confront Jesse in real life.

His daughter is a satanic bitch.

The rat Knowles said he doesn’t get emotional, but in actual fact, he did get totally emotional and could not handle getting grilled by Jesse. He acted like he was a big man, but he just got totally torn down.

Watching this man slowly break down as Jesse picks apart his nonsense is truly a joyous experience.

Every single day, I think about Jesse Lee Peterson, and the way the blacks are being used by the Jews to attack our people. It is so obvious that if we were able to put people like Jesse in charge of the blacks, we would not have any of these problems that we currently have with these blacks going nuts on our people.

I so much love this uppity black trying to talk down to Jesse and then getting destroyed and having to flee in terror.