Jesse Lee Peterson CRUSHES Israeli Jew Turning Point USA Shill

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 26, 2019

Jesse Lee Peterson invited on Joe Basrawi, an Israeli Jew that works for Turning Point USA. And it was beautiful.

This is the Jew who has been following Nick Fuentes around at all of these events. He claimed to be an “ambassador” of TPUSA, meaning he isn’t employed by them but just represents them. But he’s been working these events. Then he said at several points during the interview that he actually doesn’t even represent them, which was confusing.

Jesse Lee absolutely destroyed this Jew. It was like the Stairs of Death. This shifty-eyed kike was looking around for wolves to save him from this Based Black Guy.

Total humiliation.

Jesse Lee went through the entire Turning Point platform and tried to force the Jew to justify it, and he literally failed on every single level.

There is something about the gentlemanly old black man that just completely disarms people and causes them to totally spill all of their entire stash of spaghetti.

The funniest thing is when the Jew said “I’m an immigrant” and he said he was from Israel and Jesse said “yeah, I thought you looked different.”

The Jew attacked Nick Fuentes, saying that he’s an “ethnonationalist” who wants America for white people, and believes it was founded by white people. Jesse said “are you saying the people who founded the country weren’t white?”

The Jew said they were white, but they founded the nation for the purpose of ideas. Jesse Lee asked “so you think they founded the country so they could bring in a bunch of colored people to attack them, and destroy them?”

The Jew then said that Nick not only wants to stop immigration, he wants to “send people back.” And it’s like – yo, what? Donald Trump’s entire platform was sending people back. That was a major slip.

Then he claimed that there are already too many jobs in America, and if anyone isn’t making enough money, it’s their own fault, so we might as well just keep flooding the country with immigrants.

When they got to the whole issue of Rob Smith and the homosexuals, the thing just went totally off the rails.

The Jew had no ability at all to explain why it is that he supports the homosexualization of the conservative movement. He just sputtered around, Charlie Kirk style, and actually invoked Jesus to try to use him against Jesse Lee.

This is literally the textbook definition of a shifty Jew, and Jesse Lee just kept pinning him down.

The entire scene was brutal.

(The callers are crap. The first one I think was a TPUSA shill who called in to say that he supports Nick but that America First is really leftist.)

Well worth watching.

I highly recommend it. Seriously. It’s worth the time.

Speaking of highly recommending things, Jesse should get Gucci Mane on his Fallen State show.

Anyway, the Jew Joe was scheduled to have a debate with Patrick Casey on The Ralph Retort on Wednesday, and he called up and canceled it like an hour after this interview with Jesse.

The Jew was overconfident, and he got all tripped up when he got hit up by the hard-r Groyper Jesse Lee.