Jerusalem: Orthodox Jew Teens Riot Like Blacks, Attacking Cars and Such

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 20, 2019

No one ever expects the Jews to riot.

But it do.


Hundreds of Orthodox Jewish teens rioted on Wednesday overnight in central Jerusalem, attacking Palestinians that drove by them and vandalizing their vehicle.

Seven were arrested by police on suspicion of causing property damage.

Azmi Dari, who lives in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Isawiyah, told Haaretz that he was attacked at about 5 A.M. by ultra-Orthodox youths on his way to work.

“An older man wearing a Jellabiya was riding with me,” he said, referring to the traditional Arab garment, “so they recognized that we were Arabs and began to shout: ‘Arab, Arab,’ and threw a rock through the window.”

“We were lucky and it only hit the radio. Hundreds of people were there, and no police at all. It’s lucky that nothing happened,” said Dari.

Some of the rioters were under the influence of alcohol and disrupted traffic in the streets nearby, said the police in a statement.

In a video posted on social media showing part of the incident, teens can be seen throwing stones at a car driving past them.

I don’t really have any comment on this beyond *sensible chuckle*