Jersey: Video Shows Poll Workers Telling a Guy He Doesn’t Have to be a Citizen to Vote, Anyone is Allowed

In New Jersey, they did massive enough fraud to swing the election. The above Project Veritas video shows poll workers telling a guy he can vote even though he’s not a citizen, that it is policy to just let anyone in and vote.

They also turned up with extra mail-in ballots last night to close the gap.

In real life, what is the statistical chance that the vote would be this close, the day after, when they extended the vote to count mail-in ballots?

It’s ridiculous. No serious person can take this seriously.

Republicans are too big of pussies and shills to call this out, of course, so there is obviously no way to stop it. Most of them accept that Donald Trump lost in 2020, not because that makes sense, or because there isn’t obvious evidence of fraud, but because Trump voters did another 911 when they attacked the Capitol to destroy democracy.

Point being: they let Glenn Youngkin win in Virginia to make Republicans believe it’s all real. They could have stolen the election if they wanted to, and the default would have been to do that.

Our elections are just as ridiculous as elections in communist countries at this point.

You done been hoaxed, kid.