Jerry Falwell Jr. Forced to Resign for Being Hilarious and Enjoying a Drink

So, now a believer in the coronavirus hoax is going to take over Liberty University.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they put a tranny-lover in.


Jerry Falwell Jr., the president and chancellor of Liberty University, has agreed to take an “indefinite leave of absence,” according to a statement Friday from the evangelical Christian university.

The leave of absence is effective immediately, the statement said. The executive committee of the university’s board of trustees made the request of Falwell. The board did not provide a reason for Falwell’s leave in its statement.

CNN has reached out to Falwell for comment. In a separate statement, Jerry Prevo, chairman of the university’s board of trustees, said the Lynchburg, Virginia-based university has “experienced unprecedented success” during Falwell’s 13 years as president.

“Unfortunately, with this success and the burdens of leading a large and growing organization comes substantial pressure,” Prevo said in the statement. “Today, my colleagues and I on the Liberty University Board of Trustees and Jerry mutually agreed that it would be good for him to take an indefinite leave of absence.”

Falwell — no stranger to controversy — has come under fire in recent days after posting a picture on Instagram that depicted him with his pants unzipped and his midsection visible to the camera. In the photo, Falwell is seen holding a cup of dark liquid with one arm around a woman whose shorts are also unzipped.

Oh, the horror.

A joke photo.

It was part of a themed party based on the Trailer Park Boys.

Other people were at the party dressed as the rest of the Trailer Park Boys.

The rest of his family was there, having fun. Looks like everyone was having a good time.

Jerry himself posted the photographs and video of the event. Obviously he didn’t think it was a big deal. He thought he was having a good time, whatever.

He drunkenly explained this party and the allegedly inappropriate photo he uploaded with his pants unzipped on a radio show. It’s a pretty funny clip.

Here’s the deal: everyone knows that Jerry Falwell Jr. has substance abuse problems, probably some other problems as well.

Here’s the thing: everyone has all kinds of problems. We live in Babylon. The fact that Falwell is open about the fact that he likes a drink and so on makes him a lot less scary than some guy who goes around acting like he’s perfect. If you see some guy acting like he’s perfect in the environment that we all live in, you can assume he’s probably a closeted sicko.

Falwell is a character. Whatever. Okay? Whatever.

The point is this: the guy is hardcore on homos, trannies, abortion, immigration, and every other issue (except Israel, of course, but you can’t expect anything different there). He’s also an aggressive Trump supporter and an aggressive critic of the coronavirus hoax. He opened his university when the whole state of Virginia was shut down, and told the governor where to stick it.

He’s got problems, but he’s a good man.

This is a hit.

Who is complaining about his party photos?

Extremist war-mongering Trump haters.

Meghan McCain, the fat anti-Christian gluttonous slob and daughter of the traitor John McCain.

Maybe you should lighten up, you fat cunt? How about maybe that happens? Huh?

S.E. Cupp, the degenerate ATHEIST whore and CNN host.

Why should these women even be allowed to speak in public about the works of a great man?

A shill from North Carolina went on CNN to attack him earlier this week.

Falwell is forced to resign, very conveniently, while he is in the middle of supporting Donald Trump and attacking this stupid hoax. For behavior that people have known about for a long time. The guy drinks, okay? He likes a party, okay? Does that make him the perfect Christian? No. But who is these days?

This is a HIT by the Jewish media, by Jewish shills like McCain and Cupp. It is an attack on Donald Trump as much as it is an attack on Falwell, and it is as much about this stupid coronavirus hoax as anything else.

The timing is no coincidence. The people who were demanding this resignation were not coincidental.

Christians should be defending Falwell. Instead, they’re going along with non-Christians trying to bully them with their own morality. By the way, not being a drunk is one of the most superficial parts of Christian morality at a time when most “Christians” are promoting literal abortion and transsexualism.

Virtually the entire “Christian world” has gone pro-homo. They support the sickening blacks. If Christians want people who are willing to stand up for real Christian values in the face of all of these threats, they’re going to be looking at people who are a little bit rough around the edges.

The Jews and homos can roll out a perfect shill, who never has a drink, never has a party, to be the head of Liberty. Then you can watch him transform the school into a haven for aggressive sluts, deranged homosexuals and revolutionary blacks.

Just to clarify:

  • YES, Christian leaders should be totally moral in the ideal universe.
  • NO, we do not live in the ideal universe.
  • NO, drinking and partying is not good.
  • YES, drinking and partying is a small problem in comparison to the ABORTION and HOMOSEXUALITY being promoted by most “Christian” churches in 2020.
  • YES, Megan McCain is less moral than any drunk because she is a fat whale who supports war, feminism and homosexualism.
  • YES, whoever replaces Falwell is going to be MUCH WORSE.
  • YES, Christians should have been paying attention to the fact that it was anti-Christians who were so concerned about Falwell having a party.
  • YES, Christians should have come out and supported Falwell, who has continued to take the right position on issues, despite his personal flaws.

What a stupid decision these Christians have made.

Are American Christians really so petty?