Jerry Brown Cracks, Says He’ll Send National Guard to Border

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 12, 2018

Jerry Brown just bent the knee on troops on the border to shoot (or possibly slice-up with blade weapons) wetback invaders.

That’s pretty shocking.

Actually, maybe it isn’t that shocking. Maybe he knew Trump could force him, just like Trump can force him to do a bunch of other stuff, and so is backing off on something that he thinks makes him look reasonable.

Washington Post:

California Gov. Jerry Brown (D), the only border state governor who had not yet committed troops to President Trump’s National Guard deployment, said Wednesday that he will accept federal funding for 400 personnel — though they would be barred from working on wall construction.

National Guard troops fall under the command of state governors, and in a letter to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Brown said those from California will support operations against drug traffickers, gun runners and smuggling gangs.

“Combating these criminal threats are priorities for all Americans — Republicans and Democrats,” Brown wrote.

“But let’s be crystal clear on the scope of this mission,” his letter continued. “This will not be a mission to build a new wall. It will not be a mission to round up women and children or detain people escaping violence and seeking a better life. And the California National Guard will not be enforcing federal immigration laws.”


Did Jerry Brown just assume the gender of drug traffickers, gun runners and/or smuggling gang-members?

This is more shocking than allowing troops on the border.

California’s “sanctuary” policies limiting cooperation with U.S. immigration agents have been a target for President Trump’s ire, and in his most recent weekly address he called the state “a border-free zone where thousands of criminal aliens can roam free.”

Trump last week ordered a military mobilization along the border with Mexico, accusing Democrats of encouraging illegal immigration and failing to protect the country from a flood of undocumented migrants. The president said he wants as many as 4,000 troops deployed, saying they will remain there until a border wall is complete.

A big part of what is so frustrating about the Syria thing is that the border situation was going in such a good direction.

But again: a nuclear wasteland doesn’t need a border.

It just needs fences and machine gun turrets around your settlement to keep out raiders and super-mutants.

Funny thing about the Fallout series is that we have no idea what is going on on other continents in that universe, as far as I know.

China and Russia might be doing fine. Maybe they built good missile defense systems.

That is why I keep saying we need a Fallout MMORPG. With new releases, they could keep expanding the territory from the territories we already know, down into Mexico, up into Canada, then finally across the sea.

Why doesn’t Bethesda just give Obsidian the greenlight to roll with that?