“Jeopardy!” Decides That Bethlehem is Israel Now

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 13, 2020

Not even Jeopardy is free from Jewish perfidy.

Washington Post:

The “Jeopardy!” category was “Where’s that Church?”

The clue, for $200, was about an ancient basilica, “built in the 300s A.D.,” in the West Bank city of Bethlehem.

And the answer? That might depend on who you ask. But the one deemed correct on Friday’s episode has plunged the TV game show straight into criticism — and deep into the heart of debate on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Just after host Alex Trebek read the prompt about the Church of the Nativity, contestant Katie Needle was first to buzz. Responding in the show’s standard question-as-answer format, she said, “What is Palestine?”

But Trebek told Needle, a retail supervisor from Brooklyn, that she was wrong.

Then, another contestant, Jack McGuire, buzzed in. “What is Israel?” he asked.

“That’s it,” Trebek said, awarding $200 to the San Antonio tourism consultant.

Just so you understand, this isn’t some “muh 1967 borders took our land” thing. This is well within 1967 borders Palestine.

Google Maps

What’s more, even Netanyahu’s 2019 borders, announced a couple of weeks ago, don’t include Bethlehem as a part of Israel.

2019 borders

So Jeopardy’s version of Israeli geography is even more extreme than that of the most extreme Zionists.

(I wouldn’t be surprised if they start citing Jeopardy as proof this land belongs to them, however.)

Basically, you should be able to answer every single geography question on the show as “Israel” – because everything is Israel.