Jennifer Rubin Purposefully Spreading Fake “Child Covid” Numbers

Bomb Iraq. Bomb Iran. Bomb Russia. Bomb China. Do it for freedoms. Then strip Americans of their basic freedoms because of a virus. You can trust Jen. She’s a conservative, after all.

“Child coronavirus” is a hoax. “The Coronavirus” does not exist, it’s just an amalgamation of various respiratory infections. Of course, respiratory problems would be increasing after you forced people to wear masks all day long for 18 months.

American children are fat and unhealthy in general, so you would expect them to have various health problems. If you give them a fake PCR test, anything they have to go to the hospital for will be labeled “covid.”

I also think the hospitals might just be outright lying about the numbers of children being labeled with the disease.

The Texas Tribune this week inflated these alleged “child covid” numbers by 43X in a fake news article. They later issued a retraction, saying that the numbers were totally fake.

But you know who didn’t issue a retraction?

The WaPo neocon Jew Jennifer Rubin, who still has the tweet she posted about the fake news up on her Twitter page.

She’s refusing to take it down.

I suspect she will eventually (probably shortly after this article is published on Hoax Watch), so here’s a screenshot.

But as of right now, Fox News has an article up about her spreading this fake news, and she is still refusing to take it down. She’s tweeted during this time, so she isn’t incapacitated, and she can’t possibly not know by now – meaning she is purposefully spreading fake news.

Of course, “purposefully spreading fake news” is something Jews do every day, but it usually isn’t so definitive, where you can nail them on knowingly and purposefully disinforming the public.

Jennifer Rubin is going on about how mass vaxxing the children is “pro-life.”

This is a woman who promoted a war policy that has killed millions of people, and still promotes murdering children in Palestine and Yemen and anywhere else on the list. She’s also of course pro-abortion.

And who even knows what she does in her private time…

Freeze it. Enhance.
Positive match. ID confirmed.

Other liberals also spread this bullshit, even though it was obviously false.

This is the microcosm of the entire coronavirus hoax, which is just a pile of purposeful lies by Jews intended to oppress the population.

The coronavirus is the Apex Hoax. It is built on every other Jewish hoax thus far, but it is so much more extreme than any previous hoax that it is mind-boggling how it was possible.

Obviously, it was primarily and exclusively possible due to mass censorship – specifically of me.

“Never trust Jen Rubin” is of course utter and pure anti-Semitism.

A classic canard, which borders on an all-out trope, is that Jews are liars and create hoaxes to dazzle the goyim.