(((Jennifer Rubin))) Demands GOP Cucks Breakaway to Form Even More Anti-White Party

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 5, 2017

The violently anti-white, Israel first fanatic Jennifer Rubin is at it again. This sexually ambiguous inbred arachnid spent all of 2016 demonizing white people as the Washington Post’s in-house “conservative” (!). Now she is terrified at what may be in store for 2018: cucks getting mass primary’d in a ballot box shoah!

To add some context, Jews like Jennifer Rubin have been pushing the narrative that a party that advocates for the white majority can never win. Trump proved that Rubin was lying, and now that she’s been found out she is telling her tribe’s loyal servants Mealy Mouth and Weasel Boy (McConnell and Ryan) to break away and found a new party.

She writes for Washington Post:

President Trump capitalized on unhinged anger that had been brewing for years on the right — among talk radio listeners and Fox News viewers, among anti-immigrant groups fanning fear of brown-skinned newcomers, among more “respectable” pundits spinning a tale that the “establishment” had betrayed “real” Americans. With Hillary Clinton there to generate a vicious Pavlovian response on the right, Trump squeaked by with some substantial help from Russians, who either fantastically understood the dynamic on the right or had some direction as to where to direct their social media messaging.

Like the proverbial dog that caught the bus, the GOP now finds it impossible to govern rationally with an irrational base and equally irrational media echo chamber.

In other words, if politicians and voters on the right and center-right want rational, productive governance, they need a new base of voters. That sounds strange. A party or section of a party that wants to fire its base? Well, that is precisely what happened in the 1960s, when the Democrats unloaded white Southern anti-integrationists, ceding the South to the GOP. It could do so because the population in the North and Midwest was growing, minorities were registering and voting in large numbers and previously non-voting or infrequent-voting segments of American electorate (e.g. the youth vote, legal immigrants) sided with Democrats.

Rather than pursue the fruitless effort to woo and persuade these voters, traditional Republicans should consider reverse-engineering their party. Their beliefs — support for free-market economics with a safety net; American leadership in the world; defense of institutions that restrain demagogic power and faith in government not to solve all problems, but to create conditions that solve some problems; support for civic virtues (empathy, civility, etc.) — may find a following among suburbanites, college-educated voters, immigrants, nontraditional families (who have been scorned by social conservatives), millennials, small-business people, workers in the New Economy and Democrats and independents resistant to that party’s tilt toward Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Western European-style democratic socialism. Maybe that’s enough to form a viable national party; perhaps it’s merely half of a new coalition with center-left, disaffected Democrats.

Does that sound a bit shaky, a proposition without a clear path to success? Indeed, but just as Democrats in the 1960s had to make the leap from the party of Southern segregationists to the party of civil rights, so, too, will Republicans who want rational governance reflective of their democratic ideals need to leave the party of Trump and find their own way in a chaotic political environment. If you cannot abide by the ethos that infuses a party’s base, you need to find a new base.

Let’s get one thing straight: the Republican party isn’t doing anything for anyone right now (except Israel). The problem the useless bellboys of Jewish plutocracy are having is Trump promised they would do their job and represent the people that voted for them. They can’t because their job is to destroy the people that elected them.

After Trump, Jews are in a mad rush to put the nail in the coffin of the white majority. Trump so far has been a graze, or even a warning shot regarding the anger brewing against their plan. The people are breathing down Trump and the GOP’s neck whenever they reach to scratch their neocon or amnesty itch…America is only one step away from seeing the Hebrew rash!

But talk is cheap, which is why Jews love it so much.

Jennifer Rubin knows full well that if Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell went on to form a new party, it would get less votes than The Rent Is Too Damn High Party. The GOP is a rotten institution with no future, its life support system is Trump, or more specifically, Trumpism. For the first time in many decades they are being pressured to consider making a compromise with – gasp – the people!

If you get the opportunity to primary Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Lindsay Graham, John Kasich or any other one of these anti-American traitors, do not miss your chance to. Get your entire family and all your friends to vote against them as a personal favor to you – it’s that important. Let’s throw as many of these bastards out of Congress and state government as possible.

Let them go join the Jennifer Rubin party!