Jen PUH-Sacky Confirms That Border Jumpers are Not Required to be Vaxed

This is a pretty amazing clip.

Jen Psaki (PUH-Sacky) was asked by Peter Doocy why it is that Americans are required to get the vax and not invasive brown people, and she said “that’s correct” and then moved to the next question.

This is some new thing with the Democrats – they are just flaunting the fact that they are not required to explain anything to anyone, and acting like it is cool and fashionable that they can just mock anyone who thinks they deserve an explanation.

Jen Psaki is definitely fashionable, and her cold cruelty and disdain for anyone who questions her is very sexy.

She changed her makeup yesterday and looked so hot.

Speaking of aggressive women who simply do not care about anything other than destroying you, Hillary Clinton was on TV on Friday and announced in memory of 911 that the real terrorist threat is white people.

“Actually, I’m more concerned about internal threats… what is really threatening our democracy is what we saw on January 6… attitudes about our democracy and each other… every American should be worried.”

It’s really a pretty shocking thing to take the opportunity of the 911 anniversary to say that whites are a threat.

As I write this, Clinton is visiting the 911 memorial with the vicious baboon Barack Obama and Vaxy Joe Biden.

I guess they’re probably going to issue a joint statement saying that white people are evil and must be stopped.

If you don’t have any point of truth, then anything anyone says has the same value as anything else. So it becomes simply about who can talk the loudest.