Jen Psaki Says That Dead Soldiers Should Stop Getting in the Way of Biden’s Successful Surrender

I know this will upset some people, but I ❤️ Jen Psaki.

I find her voice so relaxing that sometimes I turn her press conferences on after a long day’s work and just zone out listening to her droning.

I think it’s really amazing the way she can keep this consistent monotone, whatever she’s talking about. She never has to worry about breaking out laughing.

Even though I’m a big Psaki believer, I wasn’t sure she was going to make it all the way through the Afghanistan thing without laughing.

But this week, she managed to say that the corpses of 13 soldiers shouldn’t get in the way of praising Joe Biden for how successful his withdrawal was.

“The men and women who gave their lives… that doesn’t take the place of all of the progress, all of the work that’s been done to evacuate people,” Psaki said on Sunday. She then claimed absurdly that the soldiers sacrificed their lives to save people, “and that is something that should be honored, should be valued, and we will continue to look for ways to do that.”

Psaki then went on to say that soldiers dying from explosions isn’t really a big deal, implying that Joe Biden’s own son died the same way. Joe Biden’s son Beau actually died of brain cancer, but because he was in the army (as a lawyer), Biden and his people constantly imply he died in combat.

Claiming that getting blown to pieces by a suicide bomber is the same thing as dying of brain cancer is bold and hilarious.

It was amazing.

I thought for sure she’d crack, but it was stone-face all the way through, like always.

I wonder what kind of drugs she takes to maintain this placid composure?

I can’t imagine that Prozac is enough.

But she never looks drowsy like she’s on benzos.

It’s always just a cool, peaceful calm – but also quick. She never trips up or breaks a step.

Some people don’t respect this.

She is constantly triggering the Reps.

Maybe Katie and Dinesh should lead their own renegade rescue operation to get the refugees to safety?

It’s amazing that conservatives just swallowed the “ISIS-K” thing whole, and are now unironically talking about the ISIS-K threat.

Also, why do they care that the Taliban controls Afghanistan?

The US government is trying to force vax the entire population.

Frankly, I wish the Taliban controlled Washington. I can’t think of a single problem I have right now that I would still have if the US government was run by the Taliban.

Seriously: Taliban takes over and my problem is what?

I’m voting for Taliban 2024.