Jeffrey Epstein had a Private Audience with the Pope in 2003

This whole thing of calling Jeffrey Epstein a “pedophile” is so absurd. It is blatantly designed to obfuscate the details of the situation, making the story about the fact that the hookers involved in his blackmail ring were slightly underage – while actually over the age of consent most of the time.

This creates a situation where the hookers being somehow “victims” is the main thread, and then they push it all off onto poor Prince Andrew the clinical moron.

In fact, the Epstein story is a very interesting story about a Jew running a blackmail ring for Israel and then somehow getting murdered while in federal custody after having been illegally arrested for crimes he’d already been tried for. That all disappears under this gibberish about how the hookers were taken advantage of, and how it’s so sad that a girl would become a hooker, and maybe if a girl is a hooker, that’s somehow rape.

The basic situation was this: people who have power who want more power would be sent to Epstein and told to have sex with an underage girl on camera. After they had done this, the Jews would open up their networks to them.

This is more or less hard proof of a global Jewish conspiracy to manipulate and control civilization. But instead, we’re hearing that a 16-year-old girl didn’t know what sex was, and then she just couldn’t resist being a prostitute when she found out how exciting and profitable it was to be a prostitute.

It’s bonkers.

This same thing happened when a network of homosexuals was found to be operating inside of the Catholic Church. Instead of saying that a network of homosexuals had been found operating inside the Catholic Church, the media said that they were “pedophiles.” This was a kind of “bad homosexual,” and it was literally implied that they were heterosexuals before they joined the clergy, but because priests are celibate, they started having sex with teenage boys.

So, the Jews and the homos have both slid clean when the media drummed up this “pedophile” farce.

No one wants to talk about this issue, because everyone who talks about it gets accused of being a pedophile.

But the basic reality is that “pedophile” is a word with a definition that means “sexual attraction to prepubescent children.” It doesn’t mean “sexual attraction to people under the age of consent in your region.”

When girls go through puberty, their breasts and butt enlarge, signaling fertility. It is natural to be sexually attracted to teenage girls. Girls used to be married off after their first menstruation. It’s just biology. That doesn’t mean it’s ethical to enlist 16-year-old girls as prostitutes, but it means that doing that is not “pedophilia,” it is simply pimping.

Meanwhile, the altar boys that the priests abused were all post-pubescent. That’s how the priests were able to exploit them. They were going though the “confused hormones” period. The fact of that matter is that all homosexuals are pederasts. No homosexual is not attracted to teenage boys. It is a basic part of the nature of homosexuality. Just check their art.

Both Jews and homosexuals have gotten away clean after being caught up in massively public scandals because the media decided to redefine “pedophilia” to protect them.

The reason that works is because the only thing that modern society acknowledges as being a sin is sex with children. Or, that was the case before the last couple of years. Now, as you’ve probably seen, the Jewish media has launched a campaign to normalize sex with children, calling them “MAPs” (“minor attracted persons”).

And of course, the normalization process is going to be confusing to most people, given that the term “pedophile” means both people who are attracted to 5-year-olds and people who are attracted to 16-year-olds.

When it was revealed that Joseph Rosenbaum was a “child sex offender,” everyone just assumed he’d had a teenage girlfriend. In fact, he’d done anal sodomy on boys aged 9 to 11. There is a big difference between sodomizing a 9-year-old and having a teenage girlfriend, I think, but there is no difference in terms. This terminology confusion protected the Epstein Mossad blackmail ring, it protected the homosexual conspiracy operating inside of the Catholic Church, and now it is going to help them to normalize actual pedophilia.

Most people are going to think that MAPs is a term for people who thought Brittany Spears looked hot on the cover of Rolling Stone, despite the fact she hadn’t had her 18th birthday yet.

It’s just a garbled ball of gibberish, the whole mess.

The core problem was eliminating the very well-established norms of human sexuality for the purpose of accommodating homosexuals. The term used was “consenting adults” – as if two grown men ramming their penises into each other’s anuses wasn’t much, much sicker than some guy having sex with a teenage girl. People projected all of their need to be morally outraged onto the one thing left that you were allowed to be morally outraged about, which was sex with children.

Instead of saying “as long as it’s consenting adults” and normalizing homosexuality first, they could have just said “as long as it’s a male and a female” – and then turned all moral outrage against homosexuals. People seem to forget that removing the age of consent was one of the key demands of the homosexual rights movement – and the only one they haven’t had met yet.

I was not surprised by the recent revelation that Jeffery Epstein had a private audience with the Pope in 2003.

He was going around everywhere as a representative of organized Jewry, i.e., the single richest and most powerful group of people on earth. He needed that status in order to run his blackmail operation. They wanted people who went to see him to deposit their dirt to feel like they were meeting a high-profile celebrity.

Lesley Wexner, the owner of Victoria’s Secret, gave him billions of dollars to build up an image as a mover and shaker. He was actually just a failed loser before he took the job as top blackmailer.

It’s interesting to see the Pope story though, given that when they had the meeting, the Church was in the midst of the gay sex scandal, and the media was compulsively running cover for the gays, shilling this “pedophilia” line that would later be used to cover for Epstein.

By the way: did everyone forget that it was reported that when the FBI raided Epstein’s house, they found a safe with a bunch of CDs with famous people’s names on them? They were believed to be tapes of all of these people having sex with underage hookers. Apparently, all of that blackmail material is now in the possession of the FBI.

That raid was illegal, because they were trying to charge him with crimes he’d already been prosecuted for. It was ordered by William Barr, the same Jew who systematically destroyed Donald Trump’s presidency.

None of that stuff gets talked about, of course – because instead, we have to focus on the fact that the 16-year-old girls who worked as prostitutes for Epstein feel bad about it decades later.

Virginia Roberts is so upset about the fact that she spent years flying around on private jets with Epstein, having sex with rich and powerful men and getting paid tens of thousands of dollars, that she just can’t stop eating.

Again: the real story is not that the Jewish Mossad was caught running an international blackmail ring involving the most powerful people on earth. The real story is that one of the hookers is sad.