Jeff Sessions Demands a Stop to the Flow of Invaders

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2017

We’ll tighten the rules – until none of these subhumans can cross the border.

The ancient nation of Atlantis was destroyed by being flooded with the rising sea.

Much like them, America is being destroyed by a great flood, but much faster and more thoroughly than Atlantis ever was. That’s because water is relatively benign, while brown people are far more destructive.

Only the powerful wall of nationalism can stem the rising tide of color which is ravaging everything in its path.

Washington Post:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions called on Congress Thursday to tighten the rules for people seeking asylum through a system he said is filled with “rampant abuse and fraud.”

In a speech at the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review, Sessions said the nation’s policies allow too many asylum seekers to exploit loopholes in a “broken” and extremely backlogged process.

The main “loophole” is that brown people are allowed.

That’s the only loophole that really needs to be closed.

This isn’t rocket science. This policy literally fits on a small piece of cardboard.

“The system is being gamed,” Sessions said. “Over the years, smart attorneys have exploited loopholes in the law, court rulings and lack of resources to substantially undermine the intent of Congress. . . . There is no cost or risk for those who make a baseless asylum claim.”

Tightening standards in the U.S. asylum system was on a list of immigration principles and policies the Trump administration recently said were needed to protect public safety and jobs for American-born workers. The administration’s list, sent to Congress, included the funding of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, curbs on federal grants to “sanctuary cities” and a crackdown on the influx of Central American minors.

Civil liberties advocates said Sessions’s comments were inaccurate and unfair to the thousands of people fleeing from dangerous, life-threatening situations in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Venezuela.

Beaners fleeing from beanerhood. How is that our problem?

They made their countries a living hell, and if they come here, they’ll make our countries just as bad. It’s not like South and Central America were ever nice places to live.

Unless you enjoy getting sacrificed to the Gods, that is.

We must learn the lesson of Atlantis. Don’t let your nation be flooded by immigrants. Or, I guess, water.

Basically this, but with a giant wave of beaners and Blacks.