Jeff Flake Delivers Hysterically Insane Anti-Trump Speech on the Senate Floor

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2018

Senator Jeff Flake for some time now has been positioning himself as the ultimate anti-Trump Republican. He is a cuckold among cuckolds. You should hate this man. He’s a Communist with an “R” next to his name.

This loser decided not to run for re-election because he had an approval rating of 18 percent in his home state. Yet despite the fact that everyone despises him, he’s decided to push his anti-Trump views to the limit. He’s obviously going all in with his anti-Trump hate during the remaining time he has left in office.

This hate was on display in full force as he delivered a bizarre, incoherent and rambling speech on the floor of the United States Senate. It sounded like a speech that you would normally expect to hear from someone like the Jew Chuck Schumer or the wax-faced bitch Nancy Pelosi.

He claimed that Trump was a Stalinist because he dared call out the lies spread in the fake news Jew-run media. He also claimed that freedom and democracy was under assault because of Trump. Apparently Flake thinks that the Jew-run media only tells truth and never lies. Anybody who has done even a small amount of research into the Jew-run media knows that they are the most biased liars on the planet. They’re a source of subversive disinformation and do not represent anything resembling a free press.

There’s literally been an unlimited amount of false stories pushed by the likes of CNN, ABC News and other big corporate media outlets this past year. There’s even been full books written documenting all the fake news they’ve published. It is a documented fact that they make shit up to push a pro-Jew, pro-Zionist world view.

Some of the specific fake news stories are documented in the 2017 Fake News Awards that Trump linked to in one of his tweets.

If this jackass was really concerned about freedom of the press, why hasn’t he come to the aid of the Daily Stormer? When domain registrars suspended several of the site’s domains, it represented an obvious and blatant attack on free speech and on a free independent media.

And why hasn’t he looked into all the various alt-media personalities who have been censored on sites like Facebook and Twitter? That’s represented another major attack on free speech.

The fact that he has not done a damn thing to assist any of us proves that he doesn’t give a shit about freedom of speech or a free independent media. He just wants to protect a bunch of lying Jew propagandists while falsely claiming that this proves his support of free speech. It’s some of the most ridiculous political grandstanding imaginable.

Trump is 100 percent correct to push back when the media lies about him. Just because Trump fights back when the media lies about him doesn’t mean he’s against free speech or a free press. It also does not make him a Stalinist. Everyone has the right to defend themselves if someone is lying about them. Over 90 percent of the media coverage Trump has received has been negative so it isn’t like he’s getting a fair hearing from them. The assertion that Flake is making is ridiculous and absurd.

Flake should just resign from his seat. Unfortunately, he’s probably going to plague us with his presence for the rest of his term. He is truly a horrible person. This speech proves it. If I were a member of his family I would disown him for this embarrassing performance.