Throwing Liz Cheney Under the Bus is Just the GOP Establishment Creating a Diversion

Jeb Bush’s Mexican son has hopped on board the Liz Cheney bus-throwing train.

Despite his racial handicap, George P. Bush is the single best member of the Bush family, taking policies consistently better than his relatives. He was the only member of his family that endorsed Donald Trump early on. Credit where credit is due.

But the rest of the GOP establishment is doing the same thing. Kevin McCarthy hopped on the anti-Liz train, acting like he is a defender of MAGA (which he has consistently worked to destroy).

The Republican establishment knew that the base of people that keeps them in power was angry about all of these horrible positions the establishment takes, so they found the single most repulsive person in their ranks – Liz Cheney – and threw her under the bus.

Now, every single establishment Republican is coming out and saying they support this, in order to distance themselves from the perception that they are the establishment.

No one can tell me what the difference is between Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney, and yet Mitch McConnell remains the most powerful Republican in the country, while Liz Cheney is under the bus.

Cheney was a symbolic sacrifice. There is an old saying: “you don’t have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun Liz Cheney.” The establishment thinks they’ve fed the masses of people Liz Cheney, and now they can simply whistle away.

But there is no specific reason that the Republican voters can’t keep doing this to Republican leaders.

Cheney was more powerful than most Congressional Republicans but she wasn’t more powerful than Kevin McCarthy – so why wasn’t McCarthy the first target, if this is a purge?

There is zero reason that Marjorie Taylor Greene should not be the leader of the House Republicans. She is the person who best represents the Republican base – by a huge margin.

If Cheney can be ousted, then the rest of them should be able to be ousted as well.

People should just demand it, and then they should organize votes against them. Why not? Maybe the mail-in vote-rigging system will be used in random state elections to protect establishment Republicans, but I doubt it. It would be even harder to rig a Republican primary.

It’s clear to me that the federal government is totally doomed, and that we’re already effectively in a one-party system. But there is still no reason that it wouldn’t be better to have patriots in these positions instead of traitors. They can at least use the bully pulpit to support a pro-American agenda.

Furthermore – Marjorie should be attacking McCarthy, not AOC.

I guess she tried to debate AOC and yelled at her this week, and now the Democrats are doing the standard thing – claiming she’s a terrorist threat and so on.

What exactly is the point of arguing with AOC? There is no purpose it can serve.

She should be asking to debate Kevin McCarthy, and forcing him to call in the Sergeant at Arms to defend from a debate. That would be actually useful.

I’m not blaming her for not doing that, by the way – she’s doing what it seems like she’s supposed to do. But we should have people calling her office and telling her that she should be the House minority leader, and instead of attacking AOC, she should be challenging McCarthy.

Either she should be leader, or Matt Gaetz should be. Those are the two people who best represent the will of the people. Gaetz’ fake sex scandal seems to have blown over, so maybe it should be him. He was the one who started the campaign against Liz Cheney. People should encourage him to do the same to McCarthy. If he’s made it through the sex scandal, there’s nothing they can do to him now.

I’m serious here. Attacking Democrats is the most pointless, stupid waste of time. It just turns into this dumb game, always, that distracts people from the fact that our own party is effectively led by Democrats.

Unfortunately, we can’t count on Donald Trump to do any of this, despite the fact that he has the ear of the people. He is doing some kind of weird thing that no one seems to understand, so people need to stop looking to him for guidance and simply move in on this stuff.

Trump of course hates Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy, so if people start going after them he will join in, but we can’t count on him to initiate a movement against these men.

Anyone who disagrees with me about any of this is a shill. It is simply an obvious fact that attacking Democrats is useless. Getting rid of Cheney was a win, even if it was a win that the establishment gave us, but it can’t stop there. We need to get all of these people out, and replace them with people who do not hate America.

Yes, on some level, electoral politics are over, because we’re never going to get the White House back. This new mail-in voting system means no presidential election can ever be won again. But we should nonetheless get people who support us in positions of power, if possible. It’s certainly a much better use of time than attacking the Democrats, which literally does nothing.

The masses of people do have power – all they have to do is use it.