Jean-Marie Le Pen Questions the Official Story of Charlie Hebdo

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2015

Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of Front National and honorary President
Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of Front National and honorary President

It seems Papa Le Pen has come out and questioned the nature of the Charlie Hebdo attacks!

…but then he pretty much changed his mind, or said there were problems with the Russian translation of the interview where he said it.


In an interview with a Russian tabloid, the honorary president of the National Front said he believes that “the operation” of the Kouachi brothers’ bears the signature of secret services. To Liberation, he said he wasn’t talking about a “conspiracy” but merely “asking questions.”

[Updated with the reaction of Jean-Marie Le Pen]

In an interview published Thursday in the Russian tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda, known for its sensationalism, Jean-Marie Le Pen did not show much restraint as he forwarded the conspiracy theory regarding the Charlie Hebdo attacks. After the journalist Daria Aslamova states that there are “a lot of gray areas” in the “official” version of the killings, the honorary president of the National Front muses: “I agree with you. This ID card forgotten by the Kouachi brothers brings to mind the passport of one of the September 11th terrorists being miraculously found in a pile of ashes in New York. We are now told that these terrorists are just idiots. The entire operation [of the Kouachi brothers] bears the signature of secret services. Of course, we have no evidence. I’m not saying that the French authorities are behind this crime, but they may have allowed it to occur.”

Le Pen made the statement “I’m Charlie Martel.” Saying that France has between “15 and 20 million Muslims,” he stated his long-held position on immigration, that “every successive government has allowed and even encouraged it.” He believes that the National Front should have been at the forefront of the Republican running, “being the only party to have alerted the public to the dangers of immigration and radical Islam.”

“Every year 300,000 people come and do not seek work. Between 6 and 8 million people live on social benefits in France, suggesting that this is not a migration of workers but of conquerors. This is the result of the Christian decadence that affects all of Europe. The European Union banned borders within it, and now, in the South, nobody protects us from the arrival of hundreds of thousands of immigrants. This appears to be a betrayal from within Europe.”

When asked why Charlie Hebdo drew caricatures “of Muslims and Christians, but almost never the Jews,” the FN patriarch explained that this is because “the Jews know how to defend.” As an example, he refers to “Femen, who can undress in front of the Pope but have never entered a synagogue.”

The President of the National Front [Marine Le Pen] gave a press conference on Friday. when asked about the statements of her father, she said he had no knowledge of this interview, but it sounds “strange” to her.

That afternoon, the National Front issued a statement saying that Jean-Marie Le Pen does “not endorse interviews which have been translated into Russian and then back into French.”

Reached in the early evening Liberation, Jean-Marie Le Pen refused to talk about “conspiracy theory” because “no authority has made ​​such a theory.” He accused the media of “extrapolating from countless sources and notes that as soon as one asks questions and does not completely go along with the government’s account of events, one is immediately identified as a believer in the conspiracy theory.”

“Why can we not be surprised that they found the identity cards of terrorists in the vehicle?”

As for the reference to the secret services, he did not deny saying it, but was vague: “The killers of jihadism are members of a secret service right? There are many states that fund them, is it not so?”

So, he didn’t go full-conspiracy. He said that he told the Russian media that the secret services might have been involved, then seemingly backtracked and told the French media that the terrorists themselves were part of a secret service.

He clearly believes that 9/11 was a Jew conspiracy, and like many conspiracy theorists, drew a parallel between the convenient ID card find in the terror mobile with the convenient passport found in the ashes. He then stated that it he believes events could have been manipulated after the fact in order to support the present government, though he wasn’t clear about how that might have happened.

I will state again that I just don’t see the sense in this being a conspiracy as it makes Moslems look bad and FN look good. I also don’t think finding an ID card in a car is all that crazy, given that these guys would have been high on adrenaline after killing all those people.

Also, I will note that I imagine much of his backtracking would have been due to Jews getting killed. I was willing to entertain conspiracy theories until that happened (one was also killed at Charlie, but that didn’t come out until later).

Again, you all know my policy on things such as this. I say as I believe, based on available data. If some data comes out in support of the theories, I will publish it, but right now all that there is is “well it’s weird the ID card was in the car…” and this really does not amount to much.