Je Suis Shlomo: Hollande Calls for Even More Extreme Anti-Speech Laws

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 24, 2015

But wait... I thought this entire gigantic political demonstration involving millions of people was about free speech... and now... I just don't even...
But wait… I thought this entire gigantic political demonstration involving millions of people was about free speech… and now… I just don’t even…

Are there actually people who do not see how insane it is that the entire response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks was “no, you won’t take our free speech” and that this was directly followed by calls to increase the already insane levels of speech restriction in communist France?


French President Francois Hollande has laid out proposals to strengthen laws on anti-Semitic, racist and homophobic hate crimes.

Speaking at a Jewish group’s dinner in Paris, Mr Hollande reassured Jews they were welcome and safe in France.

He also noted that Muslims were coming under increasing attack.

His proposals come after 17 people were killed during the Charlie Hebdo shootings and a kosher supermarket siege last month.

France is still on high alert following the attacks.

Addressing the dinner on Monday, Mr Hollande said he wanted “faster, more effective sanctions” against hate speech, the AFP news agency reported.

Hundreds of Jewish graves were desecrated in eastern France earlier this month.

French Muslim groups have also reported a rise in Islamophobic incidents following the Charlie Hebdo attacks.

This is yet another example of Hitler’s Big Lie. It is too much for people to comprehend the concept that they are actually having gigantic campaigns allegedly for the purpose of defending free speech, while at the exact same time calling for stricter restrictions on it.

I mean, if the whole protest had been about “yeah these Moslems need to gtfo of France,” then this would make more sense.  But the whole concept of the protests was “we have a right to mock the Moslems in a way that fills them with murderous rage because that is freedom of speech.”

This is beyond the pale.