Jay Dyer Interviews Sam Hyde for the Alex Jones Show

Jay Dyer is a regular guest host of the Alex Jones Show now, which is fun. I didn’t know that until I heard him on The Ralph Retort this week, but he’s regularly hosting the fourth hour of the show now.

Watching Jay do the Alex impression – copying his speech patterns and so on, which everyone who guest hosts the Alex Jones Show is compelled to do – is good entertainment in itself.

This week he interviewed Sam Hyde. It’s really great stuff. Sam is a genius, and it’s always good to see interviews with him, given that he’s now a reclusive enigma.

Also, for those who missed it, Alex was in the news this week for going to war against illegal park closures in Austin.

You might probably want to watch that video, as it may bring you joy.

These videos get uploaded randomly to YouTube, where they work a lot better, but if you can’t find them on YouTube, they’re available on Banned.Video, which is Alex’s own video hosting site.

Alex is permanently banned from YouTube, so YouTube is supposed to delete all of these uploads, and by the time you’re reading this article, the above YouTube videos might already be deleted.

Of course, if Kamala Harris wins the election, Alex is just going to go to jail, like so many other figures hated by this system. They are of course going to pass hate speech laws, but they might just round certain people up before that, charge them with something else (probably “intimidation” or “election meddling,” maybe “hacking”).

What they are going to want to do is make a public spectacle of arresting people they’ve already taught the masses of goyim to hate, so as to normalize this idea of rounding people up.

I hope Alex has some kind of plan.

If Kamala is declared the winner of the election, that is the point where people who are going to be targeted need to just literally run. Get the hell out of the country. There will be no glory in being falsely arrested, imprisoned and tortured. They’re not going to let you have any glory.