Jared Taylor Throws Richard Spencer Under the Bus

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2016

Red Ice has finally released the video from the press conference at NPI last weekend.

They are trickling this stuff out Wikileaks style.

The press conference was very good. Epic, in fact. I watched part of it live, and was shocked by Richard Spencer being all ALPHA with the kike journalists.

Little did I know what was to come…

Good times.

Good, great times.

Btw, I got a shoutout in the press conference. Not sure what minute it is in this new clip. Someone in the comments will know.

Peter Brimelow denounced me as a NEO-NAZI who is not ALT-RIGHT.

Little did he know what was soon to come…

This has been a wacky ride over the last week.


It’s been great media coverage for our movement and also been a cleansing enema for the movement itself.

As I saw one commenter write somewhere: Spencer hit the gas and a bunch of cucks fell out of the back of the truck.

It is so great not to have these opportunist parasites using our label anymore. The cowardly have exposed themselves for the spineless rats that they are.

Listen up, faggots: this was never about your book thales on Amathon.

It was never about you feeling good about yourself.

It was never about some interracial circlejerk “standing up to political correctness.”

It was always about a white racial revolution against our Jewish overlords.

What is sad is seeing so many people I had respected throwing Spencer under the bus.


What is wrong with these people? How on earth can we possibly still be taking the media seriously, and freaking out because they told us to freak out?

Shockingly, even Jared Taylor has publicly attacked Richard Spencer – in an interview with someone named “Kristoffer Ronneberg,” Taylor said that Spencer’s actions were wrong because they were offensive to ratlike kikes:

I was as shocked as anyone by all that. The Alt-Right uhhhh apparently – well, I have always known that there were at least anonymous Twitter accounts that are openly Nazi and anti-Semitic. But I did no think that Richard Spencer was that sort of person. I was not there that evening. I think uhhhh having some of this attitude of Jews as an enemy – that’s not my position at all. I think Jews can very much be Huwhite people – men of the West – and so I was shocked by these images that we’ve seen.

He then downplayed his relationship with Richard, and added:

I was very surprised. I was very saddened by it. I think it’s a terrible, terrible pity. I don’t endorse any form of National Socialism. I think that’s a completely inappropriate and crazy model for the United States.

@ 48:13

And look.

I’m not going to throw Taylor in with the cowards. He’s had this same aggressively pro-Jew position forever.

But I must say that throwing Spencer under the bus like this is really pretty disgusting. If he has an issue with Spencer, he can say it privately. And if he wants to distance himself from Spencer’s actions publicly, he can do it without being so rude.

Spencer got more media coverage on our movement in the last week that Jared Taylor has gotten in his entire lifetime.

I don’t think Taylor is even contributing much at this point anyway.

We have already documented fully the fact that yes, black people are indeed very stupid. We have the facts and figures on that one.

So far, this information has not done much to convince anyone of anything. It certainly hasn’t convinced any young people to join a populist political movement. The only thing that has this effect is political extremism. It’s the only thing anyone cares about.

At the same time, it’s the only thing that will get you mass media coverage.

In short: there is zero reason not to go full-Nazi.

You obviously don’t have to dress-up in SS uniforms or get 1488 tattooed on your neck. But no one is doing that anyway.

What we need to be is bold and unashamed. And trying to cover-up or distance ourselves from Nazism is and has always been a failed strategy. They are going to call you that no matter what, so your options are to accept it or try to argue with it and when you try to argue with it you just end up looking weak, like you’re apologizing.

And we’re sure as hell not going to get anywhere by pandering to the Christ-killing Jew parasite.


Basically, Richard Spencer did something at NPI that was needed exactly right now in the post-victory period: he separated the Alt-Right from the Alt-Cuck and the Alt-Kike.

We are better off without these people.