Japs Make Interactive Virtual AI Waifu!

Daily Stormer
January 4, 2017

“I hope I can help master”

Ladies, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you’re going to be useless very soon. The minute someone finds a way to attach a fleshlight to these things, the only men who’ll give you any attention will be the ones living in cardboard boxes on the street.

Even most chads will get addicted to their lovable, feminine, aging-immune imoutos and forget you even existed.

With the artificial womb right around the corner, the future is very bleak for you indeed.

But I’m sure the strong independent womyns who don’t need no man will be just fine.


A Japanese A.I. assistant acts more like a partner than a home system such as Alexa, displaying an anime girl companion and sending users suggestive texts throughout the day.

To be honest, they still have a lot of work to do on it. The girl is 3D instead of 2D, which is not what any sane man would prefer. Also, the customization is still limited.

But these are all problems that can be fixed relatively easily.

Fixing “real” women on the other hand… That’s a little more complicated.

Once you think about these things, there’s really no going back

While Japan’s population is on the decline, and the majority of unmarried people are not in a relationship, Gatebox has created an A.I. assistant that seeks to appeal to those living on their own.

According to Business Insider, Gatebox is a $2,500 “Amazon Echo-esque” A.I. assistant appearing as an anime girl “who lives in a glass tube in your home,” that can easily be moved around.

I’m kinda disappointed it doesn’t come with robotic arms for sandwich-making (the other thing women are good for), but those are probably gonna happen soon enough.

The demand to get away from the effects of feminism is just too big.

Anime robo-waifus will also make better mothers than most women these days

Gatebox does a lot of the same stuff that Echo does — it can automate your home in various ways, including turning on lights and waking you up in the morning… Her name is Azuma Hikari, and she’s the star of the Gatebox,” they explained. “Beyond being your personal assistant, she’s intended to be a companion of sorts… As demonstrated in Gatebox’s latest video, Azuma’s essentially an endlessly friendly, nonsexual life partner.”

Yeah, that last part won’t last forever… Every advancement of any kind in our species’ history inevitably results into something jizz-related.

So it’s only a matter of time.

Look how happy the Jap in the commercial is. He’s a Happy Jappy!

Instead of simply telling users what the weather forecast is, Hikari will pose provocatively next to a rain symbol, making remarks such as, “Oh, it may rain today. Take your umbrella with you.”

Hikari will also text users when they’re out, with comments that include, “Have fun at work,” “Can’t wait to see you,” and “Come home early.”

“Wake uuup,” Hikari will cry in the morning.

“Missed you darling!” she declares when the user returns home, turning on the lights ahead of your arrival.

Even though you can’t fuck ’em yet, they’re still nicer and more useful than most women!

Last month, a Chinese tech company pulled their “flirtatious secretary” virtual assistant, after the Wall Street Journal suggested it objectified women.

Vivi, which was dressed as a “flirtatious secretary in revealing clothes,” was reportedly able to help users with average tasks “via voice commands” but “could also flirt with users and respond to commands to dance,” which prompted users online to praise her “sexy dances, with her enchanting figure.”

See, this is why Japs are Honolaly Alyans and Chinks aren’t.

Japs don’t cuck unless nuked  – TWICE!

And that’s why they’re building the future, while we’ve been brought to the brink of extinction by kikes, subhumans and fucking women!