Japan’s Struggle Against Anal-Feminism Shows That Sino-Friendship is the Only Pathway to Freedom

The nips are getting harassed by international globalists demanding they start promoting feminism. Everyone in Nippon (and the rest of Asia) is confused about what feminism is and what its supposed goals are.

Remember: Asians are all basically autistic in that they do not grasp political correctness or subtlety in general.

Nips also don’t really get the concept that this is about purposefully destroying society, because I think it’s beyond their capacity to understand that anyone would want to do that. If they did understand that, they would probably not still be allied with the United States.

They appear to think that this is about being nice to women and making women more comfortable.

So you got period badges.

Japan: Department Store Under Fire for Offering Women Badges to Wear Denoting That They’re Menstruating

That was actually a sweet thing that touched my cold misogynist heart. Period badges could legitimately have helped make women’s lives more comfortable. But that obviously isn’t the point of the feminist agenda. Talking about menstruation at all, other than as some kind of magical power, is viewed as bad as it points to the fact that women are so much weaker than men biologically.

The basic message from the globalist organizations to Japan is: “punish men for something relating to women and sex.”

So you get this.

Japan Today:

A 37-year-old man has been fined 600,000 yen for posting images of several female athletes without their permission on a pornographic website he operates.

Kosuke Koyama, who was arrested earlier this month for alleged copyright infringement, paid the fine Thursday after Tokyo prosecutors issued a summary indictment.

Koyama’s arrest was the first of its kind based on information provided by the Japanese Olympic Committee regarding images of athletes distributed without their consent for sexual titillation.

According to the indictment, he used 39 images captured from a sports TV program without the broadcaster’s permission and posted them on the website around May 18, 2019.

The images were accompanied by sexually explicit comments on the website, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department.

Widespread sharing of photos and videos of female athletes, often taken without their knowledge and in a sexualized context, has been garnering attention as a social problem, with more victims speaking up.

So it’s… some kind of copyright violation to post a picture of someone.

This is using a different, existing law in order to do the “punish men” thing without creating some lunatic society-destroying metoo rape hoax or “digital harassment” law.

Unfortunately, the white people in the comments section of the Japan Today article understand exactly what the Japanese government is trying to do and they’re not happy with it.

There is no bargaining with the Jews. They want everything – plus interest.

Japan should have sided with China.

I agree with Japan that it is sad that they are not the dominant power in Asia.

But whose fault is that?

What’s more: due to the humiliation of the defeat in World War II, Japanese culture has degraded. Japanese people have stopped breeding, their men have become a bunch of pathetic masturbating perverts. The porno out of Japan is disgusting.

It’s notable that this decline is not a result of Western influence like it is in most countries – it is a result of a culture built on the shame of losing a war in such an undignified way (having an entire city of men/women/children wiped out by a bomb).

The one way that America did influence this cultural decline is by controlling the Japanese government and disallowing them from implementing a right-wing government. They even banned them from having a military, irony of ironies, to protect China.

There were great figures in post-war Japan, such as (and very specifically) Yukio Mishima.

Yukio was a titan of a man, who you should read about and read the works of. He was a writer, actor, activist, philosopher – basically everything. Including a health and fitness expert and advocate. Whereas I think Bruce Lee had the perfect natural Asian body, Yukio had the perfect Caucasian body on an Asian – including chest hair and thick arm hair, implying he may have had a white British or Dutch ancestor somewhere in his lineage. (To be fair, I have seen some internet debates about whether or not he was juicing, which, along with increasing muscle mass, would also increase hair growth. I guess this is possible in the 1960s – but unlikely, given his philosophy.)

Mishima was a man on par with the likes of Adolf Hitler, Napoleon or Charlemagne. Yet to this day, even a lot of right-wingers don’t know who he was.

He believed in restoring the glory of the Emperor of Japan.

On November 25, 1970, at the age of 45, Yukio and four of his followers stormed a military base in central Tokyo, taking its commandant hostage, and attempted to inspire the “Japan Self-Defense Forces” (US-created fake military safety squad) to rise up and overthrow the 1947 US-written constitutional regime, which he accurately dubbed “a constitution of defeat” (literally written by a conquering power). He gave a speech and screamed “Long live the Emperor!” The fagged-out “defense forces” didn’t side with him and he committed seppuku (ritual suicide with a sword).

The Fleet of Container Ships has Sailed and the Sun has Set on Japanese Dominance

In an ideal universe, Japan would have become the dominant power in Asia. But history has already happened. All we have now is the present, which we can use to shape the future if we so choose.

Saying “Japan should rule Asia” in the 21st century is no different than saying “Germany should rule Europe” because Hitler should have won. It has no meaning.

However, with Mushima’s death, any chance of Japan ever again becoming the dominant power in Asia ended. If they would not follow that man, who was like an embodiment of a Super Saiyan, they will not follow any man.

Now, China is the definitive power, as a matter of objective fact. This position is so established that it cannot possibly be questioned. Talking about Japan becoming the leading nation of Asia again is like talking about Poland taking over Russia – except that it is much less likely to actually occur.

Furthermore, if US/NATO/ZOG defeat China, that is not a victory for Japan. Japan will not become the dominant power in Asia. There will be no dominant power in Asia. Asia will be ruled from New York, Brussels and Jerusalem. If Japan wins a war with China, they will be worse off than they are now. ZOG will force these feminist laws on them, they will force them to have black and Islamic immigrants. Everything about their position will be worse if China is destroyed and replaced with an anal regime run by Taiwanese women from Jew universities.

Conversely, if Japan were to choose the route of Sino-Friendship, they would be allowed to keep some honor. Throughout history, Japan (and/or Korea) were the aggressors in these wars. I don’t say that as a moral judgement – Japan viewed this in a Darwinian way, which I respect. But China has no plan to humiliate the Japanese. China has a plan to build roads and trains and shipping lines and have everyone on earth say “ah, ha-ha, number one product Chinese manufacture, ha-ah, high quality at reasonable price. Much better China product to bad quality Japanese goods, ha-ah.”

The Chinese, as a merchant people, view that as a major victory, but the Japanese, as a martial people, probably don’t really care. Anyway, they will continue to win the Asian cultural zeitgeist with their cartoons and video games, a defeat that China has already accepted.

This is Shanghai:

Most of all: if Japan chose Sino-Friendship, they would not be forced to go anal, they would not be flooded with blacks.

History is over and Japan’s only path to restoring their national dignity is through Sino-Friendship.

This forced feminism is the perfect example of something that ZOG is doing to Japan that China would never even imagine doing.


Also, very much worthy of note, the Chinese did an investigation into the CIA trying to turn Japanese into homos.

Nipponese people are not stupid. They have the highest average IQ in the world. They should have a referendum on Sino-Friendship.

Instead, they made a suicide pact with ZOG. No one voted on this. But the Japs appear too busy masturbating and playing stupid children’s porno video games to pay attention. This is in contrast to the Poles and the Balticanos (and to some degree also the Romanians and Hungarians), who are actively retarded in their opposition to Russia, and would literally rather have their preschool sons get gay anal tranny dildo lessons and their 11-year-old daughters become heroin-addicted prostitutes in Pakistani gangs than shake hands with a Russian.

It is very frustrating as an American, as someone who has seen the black heart of this Jewish Gyno-Rectal Regime, to see other countries fighting each other over history that doesn’t matter.

Germany and Japan had the moral high ground in WWII. That’s fine. Okay. Sure. But that means precisely nothing at all, because both of them lost the war. Losing a war means losing a war. Conversely, losing a war does not mean winning a war. This is the sunk cost fallacy at work. World War II will never be won by Japan, Poland will never have not been beaten by the Red Army – because the past is immutable.

Sino-Friendship or Total Doom

As I said recently (and got a lot of flak for): the past is already over.

As a person in reality:

  • I accept that it is unfortunate that Germany and Japan lost World War II.
  • I accept that in 2021, Russia and China are the good guys in that they are defending the concept of civilization, they are defending families, they are fighting against homosexuals (including trannies and child trannies) and against the global agenda to use brown people as a weapon against traditional cultures.

This is the epitome of consistency. It is also not some form of callous pragmatism. It is as much based on hard moral principle as it is on the on-the-ground facts.

There are two potential futures for the planet earth:

  • The actualization of a Jewish plot to exterminate all life on the planet earth (including plants and bacteria) via feminism, analism, population replacement, war, pedophilia, pornography, virus hoaxes, deadly vaccines, fake alien hoaxes, wealth transfer to billionaires, corporate control of everyone’s life, and processed food, or
  • The realization of the magic of True Sino-Friendship

Not one single person opposed to Sino-Friendship has presented a variant course for world civilization.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like Chinese people. They are not interested in your life anyway. They do not want to force anything on you. They simply want to stop wars so they can build trade routes everywhere and get rich. We have seen in Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and various African nations what Sino-Friendship looks like: China has no interest in domestic policy. They have only an interest in trade policy, and ending violent conflict.

People need to wake up and they need to either:

  • Come up with a real explanation of a third alternative path for the world, or
  • Embrace Sino-Friendship

Being against Sino-Friendship while not offering any explanation as to how opposition to Sino-Friendship can lead to something other than Jewish annihilation makes you a shill for Jews.

Understand me:

  • I am not saying “being against China makes you a shill for Jews.”
  • I am saying “being against China while offering no viable explanation for an alternative course of action makes you a shill for the Jews.”

Do not strawman me.

I am living in reality here. There is writing all over every wall.

It’s very easy to criticize, very easy to destroy. But you cannot come at me with “just because I’m against China doesn’t mean I support the Jews” without presenting a third potential future for earth.

I am entirely open to hearing anyone out. But thus far, I have spent an extreme amount of energy engaging those opposed to Sino-Friendship, and gotten no (0) explanation of what future they see manifesting.

For the sake of benevolent fecundity and family joyfulness, I choose Sino-Friendship.