Japanese Whinging About American Bases Again

Pictured: A Japanese woman being approached by a brave African-American US soldier

First they were whining about our brave African-American soldiers raping and murdering their women, now they’re whining about some virus no one’s ever even heard of.


Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida claimed to have come to an agreement with the United States that US troops stationed in Japan should avoid unnecessary outings after they were accused of spreading Covid-19 to locals.

Kishida told the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) on Sunday that the government had “agreed with the United States in principle that unnecessary outings should be controlled and prohibited, and we are discussing specifics now.”

The Japanese government formally requested its US counterpart to ground troops to their bases on Thursday after the country had to reimplement Covid-19 restrictions in several regions near American facilities.

The alleged transmission of Covid-19 from American soldiers to Japanese locals has caused anger in Japan, with many upset that the troops have not been held to strict protocols aimed at keeping the coronavirus at bay.


No, no.

Not doing that bit right now.

Japan’s real problem is that they are being asked to fight a war with the Chinese, wherein they will be obliterated. But they can’t complain about that, because they’re occupied by the US military.

I’ve said before that in an ideal world, Japan would be the superpower of Asia. There are reasons for that.

But we don’t live in an ideal world. We live in a world where the United States government, for some lunatic reason, started a World War with Adolf Hitler to protect the border integrity of Poland, then destroyed Japan and occupied them and totally crushed their spirit.

Meanwhile, China developed very quickly, becoming the obvious regional power, probably forever. That’s just what happened. The Japanese are probably smart enough to just accept that, and deal with China as the regional authority, as long as China agrees to respect them (which they would do and actually have reached out to do).

The Japanese people should be protesting the entire concept of a US military occupation of their country, as well as the idea that it is Japan’s responsibility to fight a war with the Chinese to protect public gay anal sodomy in Taiwan.