Japanese: The Real Jews of Asia

A lot of the online right is obsessed with anime, which I believe to be an insidious plot to turn you into a tranny and infantilized Japanese toy consumer. I want to bring to their attention some facts about the vile Japanese race which might allow them to reconsider the media vice that has attached to their eternal soul with a death grip and threatens to drag them down to hell forever.

Japanese are the second most degenerate pervert race on earth, after only the Jews. Other than the Jews, no other race is more associated with pornography than the Japanese. Both Japanese and Jews seem to have a primary mission to fill society with filth regardless of how much material comfort they have, indicating that their drive to corrupt is an otherworldly matter of spirit. Also similar to Jews, Japanese are overwhelmingly extremely unlikable people but thanks to controlling wildly popular video media they have a positive reputation.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with these facts and imagery surrounding the JQ – the Japanese Question.

Compare and contrast Levites carrying the Ark of the Covenant:

With these Shinto priests carrying the mikoshi:

This is a kike wearing a tephillin, a ritual device used daily in Jewish prayer:

Contrast it with Japanese Yamabushis wearing a near-identical phylactery:

Both Jewish and Shinto priests blow horns.

Oh wait, the Japanese guy is blowing a conch – because there are no rams on the island of Japan, even though Japanese mythology is completely fixated on this animal which doesn’t exist on the island for some reason. They even used to paint rams’ horns inside tombs in Japan.

This is the crest on display all over the Ise Grand Shrine in Mie Prefecture, built for the Imperial House of Japan.

Wow, wonder what this could mean.

In Japanese mythology the legendary “Tengu” are goblins with huge noses and give people who seek them supernatural powers by giving them scrolls called tora-no-maki.

Japanese have been self-proclaiming that they are a lost tribe of Israel since the 17th century. They even claim one of their foundational emperors was a filthy yid.

In 1929 Oyabe published his book, Nihon oyobi Nihon kokumin no kigen (The Origins of Japan and the Japanese People), in which he claimed that the Japanese were the descendants of the Jewish tribes of Gad and Menashe, known for their military valor. The Japanese word mikado, according to Oyabe, is composed of the prefix mi (honorable) and gaddo, the Japanese pronunciation of the Hebrew Gad. Therefore the imperial family descended from the Jewish tribe of Gad, one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel.

Much like Jews, Japs are obsessed with engaging in sex acts with children and have a long and documented history with it. You’ve heard of Bushido, the samurai code? Well, what they didn’t tell you is that it actually codified pederasty and established a legal and moral framework by which samurai could have sex with little boys.

After 40 years of relentless international pressure, in 2014 Japan finally outlawed the possession of child pornography (prior to that they were the biggest exporter of child porn in the world). Still, forms of simulated child pornography like “lolicon” are incredibly common in Japan and generally so socially normalized that you can purchase media with them on the street.

The Japanese are a vile, evil race and we should have kept dropping bombs at the end of WWII. They are also a sworn adversary of China, the one decent and moral power in the Far East.

I beg of you to reconsider your fealty to anime, manga, and all other degenerate modernist media from Japan, and instead become an obsessive connoisseur of English literature from the 19th century or earlier and the music of Henry Purcell.

Come home, white man.