Japanese Olympic Chief Witch Does Occult Hand Sign at LGBTQ Event, Wants to Spread the Homo

Seiko Hashimoto is the head of the Tokyo Olympics.

It’s time for the Japanese government to recognize that men who ejaculate into the poop of men deserve to get married, because marriage doesn’t have anything at all to do with reproduction.

Marriage is all about love. And what is love? Love is simple: it’s ejaculating into another man’s anus.


The head of the Tokyo Olympics on Tuesday took part in an event marking Japan’s LGBTQ pride week at a center in the capital, as activists and dozens of lawmakers pushed for an equality law to be enacted before the games begin in less than three months.

Seiko Hashimoto visited Pride House Tokyo, an international initiative to provide a place for LGBTQ people and others to connect during the games. The first Pride House was set up during the 2010 Winter Games.

Japan is the only country in the Group of Seven major industrialized nations where same-sex marriages are not legally recognized. A Japanese court ruled last month that same-sex marriage should be allowed under the constitution, although the ruling has no immediate legal effect.

“We need to take action now,” Hashimoto said, adding that she wants people to remember the Tokyo Games as a “turning point in achieving diversity and harmony, including understanding for LGBTQ” issues. Hashimoto toured Pride House and met with LGBTQ activists, including athletes, for talks.

By “take action,” he means “ram a penis into another man’s anus.”

Why would anyone ever need to do that? 

We never thought we’d see these nips sink this low.

We thought the low point was Bleach.

We thought the low point was Resident Evil: Survivor, or literally any other shooting game made by these tiny-eyed round-heads.

But they’ve gone lower.

This is sickening.

Is this the end of Nippon?

Can they come back from something this gay? 

Nope. It’s over.

RIP anime nation.