Japanese Mayor Says Men Should Go Grocery Shopping During Lockdown Because Women Take Too Long

Osaka Mayor Ichiro Matsui

It is common knowledge that women are better at managing time than men, and thus, very pragmatic shoppers. They go straight for the kill, always picking up only what’s most essential. This is similar to the way they are very quick in the bathroom, having evolved to be ultra-efficient pissing machines.

That’s why these archaic and patriarchal statements from the mayor of Osaka have caused quite a bit of outrage.

Daily Mail:

The mayor of Osaka has come under fire after saying women take longer than men while shopping as he tried to promote social distancing to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

By Friday morning there were nearly 1,500 coronavirus cases in Osaka and the prefecture that surrounds it, making it the second hardest-hit after Tokyo.

Japan’s government has declared a nationwide state of emergency till at least May 6 in a bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

In Osaka, Mayor Ichiro Matsui has been appealing to people to take steps to reduce the risk of virus infections, but his remarks over gender shopping behaviour stirred controversy.

When a woman goes… it will take time,’ Matsui said when asked by a male reporter about possibly reducing shoppers’ entry to supermarkets to lower the risk of coronavirus infections.

If it was you, if you were told to get this or that, then you would go directly… and go home,’ he said. ‘It’s also fine for men to go shopping while avoiding contact.’

Matsui, who also said married couples should avoid going shopping together, drew criticism on Japanese Twitter over his remarks, with users saying they were sexist.

‘Japan is a country where these words come calmly out of a mayor’s mouth. Deplorable,’ said one user today.

Japan has feminism now, yes. They’ve had it ever since the 2007 octopus invasion that sexually liberated women. As soon as that happened, they started getting all uppity.

Women take extreme joy in shopping, because they’re biologically wired to operate based on social consensus, and social consensus is strongly affected by marketing strategies and ads.

When society tells women to do something, women feel a strong need to comply even if it is against their own wishes. This is one of the reasons why there’s a movement against slut-shaming: because shaming women works, and they want to be sluts.

Shaming works so well that most ads are designed to illicit a sense of inadequacy. They don’t encourage people to buy the stuff, they shame people for not having it.

Furthermore, women, as a consequence of their feeble nature, are natural consumers. Men are equipped with the mental and physical capacity to interact with the world and transform it, and women are unable to do this to the extent that men can. As such, all throughout history, men have been mostly producing and women have been mostly consuming.

As natural consumers, women practice the act of consuming on a daily basis, and anything people do on a daily basis results in people becoming better at it.

This Japanese mayor is not wrong about women shopping.

Women enjoy consuming and shopping so much that even if they know where everything is in the grocery stores, they’ll still walk around aimlessly as if they were drunk in a park, endlessly pondering the effects that buying more or different stuff will have in the herd’s approval of her.