Japanese Female Reporter Drops Dead After Clocking 159 Hours Overtime (Also with Important Message for NEETs)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 6, 2017


I work 159 hours of overtime on a slow week!

I work so much that there are ongoing conspiracy theories that I am actually Multiple Man.

Fox 8:

Japan’s public broadcaster has revealed that one of its reporters died from overwork.

NHK said that labor officials had concluded that the 31-year-old political reporter died from heart failure caused by spending long hours on the job.

Japan, known for its ‘salaryman’ culture and punishing work hours, has struggled for years to tackle the impact of overwork on employees’ health. A government study published last year found that one in five workers is at risk of working themselves to death.

Excessive hours are such a big problem that there’s even a Japanese word for death by overwork: karoshi.

According to a news story published by NHK, Miwa Sado had worked 159 hours of overtime in the month before her death.

What’s the math on that?

40 x 4 = 160

160 + 159 = 319

319 % 28 = 11.4

These are baby hours. Hours for a little Jap baby.

“ZOMG I’m so tired I have to work 11 hours a day, wahhh, I’m going to die of a heart attack, wahhhhh.”

Seriously though, we shouldn’t expect women to do this.

What is the point?

No matter how many hours they work, their output is going to be shit anyway – women are incapable of doing anything right, other than getting pregnant and laying around whining about how nothing men do is good enough for them (both things they tend to be extraordinarily good at).

Miwa Sado should have been at home, pregnant with some Jap man’s child, while taking care of at least 4 already born children.

Or, through the science of artificial insemination and the HUMAN EGG MARKET, pregnant with some Nazis pure Bavarian phenotype babies.

And by the way – yes, I’m going to go there.

Our women are so completely fucked – exhibit A:

That at some point, if we wish to continue the race, we are going to have to open up a very serious discussion about buying eggs, inseminating them with our own seed, and implanting them in Asian women.

Sorry to drop that bomb on you: but that is the fact.

We have stopped reproducing as a race.

And the reality is, we can just buy these eggs and put them in gook women. Look – here’s a New York Times article from 1999. This is not new science. And it works fine.

Stupid, useless white women are selling their eggs for like $15,000.

Asian waifu who keeps her mouth shut and does what she’s told, plus pure Aryan baby – what do you want?

We always kinda knew it would come to this, didn’t we?

Didn’t you, always, in the back of your mind, know that this is what it was going to come to?

We have to push these fat white whores out of our reproduction process if we wish for our race to survive.

And it is time for you to come to terms with that.