Japan: Yellow Nazis Give Oppressed Black Life in Prison Just Because He Committed Rape and Murder

Daily Stormer
December 5, 2017

She probably refused to pay him his reparations, which makes raping and killing her OK

So the neo-Nazi justice system of Japan has just sent an innocent black man to prison for no reason other than he raped and murdered some Japanese woman who had honorary White privilege, completely ignoring the root causes of this incident – systemic racism and the terrible legacy of Satoshi Crow.

CBS News:

TOKYO — A Japanese court on Friday convicted a U.S. military contractor of murder and rape charges in the death of an Okinawa woman and sentenced him to life in prison.

The Naha District Court also found Kenneth Shinzato, a former Marine, guilty of abandoning the victim’s body, court officials said. The 20-year-old woman was found in the forest in May, three weeks after she disappeared while taking a walk.

Oh, so she was just “taking a walk.” Just “taking a walk” is a clear sign of the privilege that is afforded by White supremacy and in some cases, like this one, loaned to Asians in order to make black people look bad. This was a clear cut provocation that resulted from Japan’s White-inspired racism.


Shinzato was accused of hitting the woman in the head with a club, intending to rape her and stabbing her to death in the neck with a knife. He pleaded guilty to the charges of rape resulting in death and abandoning of the body, but denied murder intent.

After centuries in which black schools were underfunded because of the holocaust, how were you expecting him to know that stabbing someone in the neck can lead to death? It’s clear that he shouldn’t be in prison, and he deserves compensation from White people.

Judge Toshihiro Shibata upheld prosecutors’ demand for life imprisonment, saying there was no room for leniency, Kyodo News reported.


These honorary Nazis from Japan should learn what a truly tolerant and progressive justice system is all about.

Norway – one of the least Nazi countries in the world, and a model for us all

The case sparked outrage on the southern Japanese island where residents have long complained about heavy U.S. military presence and crimes linked to them. The anger led to a bilateral pact limiting immunity from Japanese prosecution for civilian workers at American bases.

Okinawa has also protested a contentious plan to relocate a Marine Corps air station in the crowded neighborhood of Futenma to a less-populated part of the island. The plan developed after a military aircraft accident near the current base and the 1995 rape of a girl by three American servicemen enraged Okinawans, but has since made little progress due to protests. Opponents want the air station completely removed from the island.


The U.S. military says the crime rate among its ranks in Japan is lower than among the general public.

What this statement hides is that the vast majority, almost all, of the accused and convicted are blacks, which are innocent when they actually did it because of White Supremacy.

Until we understand that every rape and murder committed by blacks is the result of Hitler and the KKK, there can be no justice in this world.