Japan to Participate in Hostile Anti-China Military Drill with US and France

It’s very confusing what Japan has to gain by siding with ZOG against China.

If ZOG loses – which is more or less inevitable in the long run – Japan is going to be facing a scorned China.

If I were the Japs, I would be playing things ultra coy, and waiting to see how ZOG’s war against Russia goes before committing anything at all.

Instead, the Japs are going all in on ZOG.


The exercise will start in the south of Japan from May 11, marking the first time the three nations will have held a drill with ground troops, as tensions simmer with Beijing over activity in the East and South China Seas.

The announcement of the joint exercise was made by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force (JGSDF) and the defense minister on Friday, as the nation aims to strengthen its military cooperation with allies in the region.

“By strengthening cooperation between Japan, the United States and France, we’d like to further improve the tactics and skills of the Self-Defense Forces in defending remote island territories,” Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi said, in an apparent jab at China’s claim over islands in the East and South China Seas.

Relations have become strained between China and Japan over activity around disputed land in the region, known by Tokyo as the Senkaku Islands, and Beijing as the Diaoyu Islands, which both sides claim as their own territory.

Chinese ships have entered the territorial waters around the islands in recent weeks and America recently held a sole military drill around the island, although no US troops landed on the territory and Japan didn’t participate.

The three-nation military drills come as the Philippines has protested directly to China for failing to remove its ships from the South China Sea. Manilla argues that hundreds of Chinese military vessels are encroaching on disputed sections of the South China Sea, while Beijing claims that no soldiers are present and that they are only fishing ships.

China has made it abundantly clear for decades on end that they do not have any military ambitions. That’s simply an objective matter. They’re not going to invade anyone unless they have to.

ZOG is basically the opposite of that, and they will invade anyone for any reason, or maybe for no clear reason whatsoever.

You would just think that Japan, being much closer to China than the United States, would rather deal with the sensible folks in Beijing than the lunatics in Washington.

But who knows what kind of pressure Japan is facing behind the scenes. Who knows what kind of pressure the 50,000 US troops stationed in Japan have. One would think that if any Japanese politician tried to buck the US, he would very quickly have US special forces in his bedroom, informing him that if he does not make the correct announcements tomorrow morning, then tomorrow evening, he will have very unfortunately committed a murder-suicide on his entire family.

It’s really a shame we can’t all just get along.

The world could be a wonderful and peaceful place if we didn’t have these Jews hellbent on creating a one world satanic government run by evil cyborg pedophiles.