Japan: Suicide Kills More People in One Month Than Coronavirus Killed in 10 Months

Japan obviously has a very different culture than the West.

But this applies to us too.

Suicide is a much, much bigger issue than this mild flu virus, and many, many more people are going to die as a result of the lockdown and its consequences than could ever die from the virus.

CBS News:

Far more Japanese people are dying of suicide, likely exacerbated by the economic and social repercussions of the pandemic, than of the COVID-19 disease itself.While Japan has managed its coronavirus epidemic far better than many nations, keeping deaths below 2,000 nationwide, provisional statistics from the National Police Agency show suicides surged to 2,153 in October alone, marking the fourth straight month of increase.

To date, more than 17,000 people have taken their own lives this year in Japan. October self-inflicted deaths were up 600 year on year, with female suicides, about a third of the total, surging over 80%.

Child suicides, while a much smaller portion of the total, are also higher.

“We need to seriously confront reality,” chief government spokesman Katsunobu Kato said this week, announcing bolstered efforts to counsel potential victims via suicide hotlines and social media.

Yokohama-based psychiatrist Chiyoko Ueda, in an interview published this week on a local news site, said the mental health distress caused by COVID was evident in her clinic. Among the things she said patients have told her: “My self-esteem is low because I’m worried about money; The stay-home situation has disrupted my life; My kids and I don’t get along.”

Japan has grappled with high suicide rates for a long time and for complex reasons, but the overall numbers had been on a downward trend this year, until they reversed course in July — possibly as the initial “we’re all in this together” pandemic positivity waned, and the buffering impact of public subsidies disappeared.

It’s not just suicides – obviously.

If you have a massive increase in suicides, that means you have a massive increase in general unhappiness, depression, drug abuse, domestic violence, and everything else.

The ruling elite are using this virus to create a hell on earth. There is no math equation where if the government said, “we love the people and we just want to do whatever is best for their health,” that they would decide that the lockdown was the proper course of action.

What they are telling us right now is that the single thing that matters in the entire universe is that people do not get infected with this virus, and that no cost is too high to prevent infections.

But the original claim was that they were preventing virus infections in order to prevent deaths because they care about the population. That reasoning has gotten lost in the mix, and it is now just a pathological obsession with the virus, and no one is thinking anymore about doing what is best for the wellbeing of the people.

The only way that any of this is being made possible is through the total inability of the people to share information, due to the massive censorship program. The information was locked down, and then the society was.