Japan Suffering Alleged Worst Ever Bird Flu Outbreak

The coronavirus hoax was the most efficient attack on Western civilization that has ever been launched.

These people convinced us to give up all of our rights, they convinced us to agree to redistributing the wealth of the middle class to the ruling elite, banking interests and multinational corporations.

From here on in, you’re going to see viruses popping up everywhere, and being used to further manipulate Western society.


Japan’s worst bird flu outbreak on record spread to new farms and now affects more than 20% of the country’s 47 prefectures, with officials ordering cullings after more poultry deaths.

About 11,000 birds will be slaughtered and buried after avian influenza was discovered at an egg farm in Higashiomi city in Shiga prefecture in southwestern Japan, the agriculture ministry said over the weekend.

Another outbreak started in Kagawa prefecture, where the outbreak emerged last month, the ministry said on Monday.

The outbreak in Japan and neighbouring South Korea is one of two separate highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) epidemics hitting poultry around the world, according the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

Both the strain circulating in Asia and the one in Europe originated in wild birds, it said.

“The virus found in Japan is genetically very close to the recent Korean viruses and thus related to viruses in Europe from early 2020, not those currently circulating in Europe,” Madhur Dhingra, a senior animal health officer at the FAO, told Reuters by email.

“This means that we currently have two distinct H5N8 HPAI epidemics in eastern Asia and Europe,” she said.

At any time, they can say this bird flu mutated and is killing hundreds of thousands of people. No one will ask for evidence of the deaths.

They can then implement new lockdowns, and demand that you be injected with “vaccines” designed to rewrite your genetics.

There is nothing stopping them.

In the longer run, they want to establish that the whole world must permanently live in austerity, using the global warming hoax. But until that operation is complete, you’re going to be hearing a lot about viruses.