Japan: Small Town Doubles It’s Birth Rate in Just One Decade

Daily Stormer
January 20, 2017

I have lived all my life so far without expecting a pension,and I suggest the rest of you do the same, and have kids instead to take care of you

It seems like bringing society back to normalcy – and to be clear, not reproducing at ABOVE replacement rate is completely abnormal – isn’t that hard when authorities actually try.

Our race mapped the entire planet, invented virtually all modern technology, put a man on the moon – but for some reason, we’re being told over and over that we can’t figure out how to have enough kids…

But somehow, some small town in Japan managed to do it.

The Economist:

A PATCHWORK of nondescript houses nestled at the foot of a mountain, Nagicho looks like an ordinary Japanese town. On closer inspection, something extraordinary marks it out: babies. Yuki Fukuda is one of many local mothers with three children. The bump under her winter coat indicates that another is on the way, part of a baby bonanza that has seen the town’s fertility rate double since 2005.

A woman with 4 kids… In Japan… In CURRENT YEAR…

That’s gotta be some kind of record.

Not surprisingly, reporters have flocked to this remote corner of the country to see if there is something that promotes fecundity in the water flowing down from Mount Nagi. The cause appears to be more prosaic: economics. Alarmed by the dearth of children, the local government increased incentives to have babies. The fertility rate rose from 1.4 (meaning that the average woman will have 1.4 children in her lifetime, roughly the national rate) to 2.8 in 2014. Provisional figures suggest the rate has since fallen back to 1.9, but even if correct, that remains well above the national average.

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Mrs Fukuda will receive a “celebratory” gift of ¥300,000 ($2,682) when she gives birth. Asubsidised baby-sitting service is available for just ¥1,800 a day, along with subsidised carseats and other baby accessories.When her children reach secondary school, she will receive ¥90,000 a year for each one who attends. In theory, this stipend is to cover the cost of getting children to school, especially for people who live relatively far away. And whereas usually all but the poorest and the old in Japan have to pay 30% of their health-care bills (with the national government picking up the rest), in Nagicho the local government pays the 30% for children.

In other words – this Jap town is giving Japs almost as much as western European governments give to Somalis and Pakis and Arabs and other invader vermin.

It didn’t even cross their minds to multiculturalize themselves to death.

Other initiatives are more creative. The town relies on a network of volunteers to help keep its two nurseries open.Businesses that move to the town receive rent-free land—a gesture that has lured at least three companies since 2014, says Yoshitaka Kumagai, a local government official. The city is also offering a clutch of refurbished or newly built apartments and houses for rent at subsidised rates.

Can you imagine trying to make a nursery with volunteers in the Western world today?

Kikes, Moslems, trannies and faggots would form a line a kilometer long just to volunteer for some time with your babies and toddlers.

And it’s not like you could discriminate against them or anything, that would be worse that anything the filthy vermin would do to them.

It’s as if (((someone))) is trying to make us as disgusted and demoralized as possible

Mr Kumagai insists all this largesse has merely boosted the share of the town’s ¥4bn annual budget devoted to raising the fertility rate from 2% to 3%. Like thousands of other shrinking communities across Japan, the town was desperate, he says. Nagicho has lost a third of its population since 1955, and a third of the 6,100 residents who remain are over 65. “We’re trying to hold the line at 6,000 people,” he says.

So not only did they not have to flood their country with subhumans – it didn’t even cost that much in the first place.

Keep in mind – there are many White countries much wealthier than Japan, and yet none of their governments ever seem to find money for anything other than welfare for subhumans and welfare for  Israel.

Could Nagicho be replicated elsewhere? Hiroko Kaihara, who moved to the town years ago with her three children and works in one of the nurseries, thinks not. There is a slowness to life that is attractive, she says, and a sense of community.“Mothers feel safe having more children; it’s not easy to create those conditions.” Mrs Fukuda says she also struggles to put her finger on why families are larger. The money helps, she admits, but that is not the main reason. Perhaps there is something in the water after all.

Money helps, yes, but I’ll tell what helps even more.

1. No diversity

Diversity, of any kind, is bad. I’m not just talking about the obvious problems with bringing in less primates from Africa and the Middle East and pretending they’re human beings.

If you dropped twenty million Chinks and Japs in Europe, they won’t do that^, or live on welfare, or run trucks through crowds of people or gang-rape girls in the hundreds of thousands. But their very presence would be devastating to European societies, for the simple fact that a society cannot function without a high degree of homogeneity.

We’ve all lived in (((diversity))) for so long, that we forget that throughout history, most people lived almost their entire lives with minimal contact with people who weren’t extended family.

When you met a group of foreigners, it was usually in a context of an invading force.

So even with people of the same race, living in the same country or city, there has to be some degree of separation, or else society as a whole can’t function.

This used to be the case in most countries, especially in America, which was made up by people from all across Europe who all had their own neighborhoods until (((someone))) started socially engineering them into oblivion.

E. Michael Jones has a good video about this:

He’s wrong on some things, but the video is still worth watching

2. Cheap Housing

This one is actually much easier than it sounds. Housing costs a lot today in most White countries (even relatively poor ones in eastern Europe) because foreigners can buy them, which should not be permitted under any circumstances.

The other problem, which affects America and western Europe the most, is the (((diversity))) I mentioned earlier. Basically, the subhumans turn not only the places they live, but the places around where they live, into shitholes, and so that limits the places where you can safely raise a family, which in turn raises real estate prices in the White/livable areas.

Finally, there’s the fact that most jobs are concentrated in cities, and people want to live where there are more jobs. This can easily be fixed by better infrastructure, as well as by new inventions – flying cars, hoverbikes, etc. for which the technology already exists.

3. Getting Rid of Kike Media Control

“Goyim, did you know your clothes are made by brown slave children and you should feel bad about it?”

“Goyim, did you know everything you do every day is killing the earth?”

“Goyim, did you know you’re a vile hateful monster who oppresses everything around for no reason?”

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“Goyim, did you know that by reproducing, you’re basically doing the most horrible thing you could ever do because it perpetuates all the other slightly less horrible things that are still really really horrible?”

Jewish control of the media has harmed us more than anything else, and if you haven’t gotten rid of your cable/netflix/whatever yet, you’re basically a moron.

You can’t win a war if all you do all day is stare at enemy propaganda, which is exactly what the entirety of the formerly-Western media is today.

Like with all the previous points, and almost every other problem you have in your life, it all comes down to getting rid of the kikes.

Then all the other problems can be easily fixed.