Japan: Rental Sisters Helping Hikikomori Leave Their Rooms and Get Jobs

Daily Stormer
January 22, 2018

A Hikikomori is basically a guy (there are womyn ones too, but they’re rare) who just quits society and stays inside the house all day, for years or sometimes decades on end. The reasons for this behavior vary from autism to schizophrenia to playing too much Pokemon.

The phenomenon exists everywhere in the world, but it’s more pronounced in Japan.

So the Japs found a typically Japanese solution – they pay 100,000 Yen (around $900) a month to have a woman without any medical training come in and convince these weirdos to get the hell out of the house and do something productive for society.

This apparently seems to be working, and in some cases the hikikomori not only end up leaving the house and getting jobs, but even marrying their “sisters,” as is the case with one of the examples in the above video.

This is probably where they got the idea from.

Also, notice that these are “sisters” and not “friends” or “girlfriends” or “cousins” or “cheerleaders” but “sisters.”

There is probably a subconscious realization that one of the main reasons for this is being a single child, which is biologically unnatural for human beings, and I’m sure that if any of the few real researchers left in academia would make a study on this, they’d find that people who grew up without siblings are more prone to every kind of anti-social behavior than the ones who grew up with siblings.

The idea sounds goofy, and it is goofy, because Japs are generally goofy people, but think about it – in the West, when a boy has much milder problems than this, a Jew doctor comes along and gives him some toxic candy made by some Jew pharmaceutical company that messes with his brain and in many cases makes him kill himself or do a mass shooting.

How is this not a better idea?