Japan: Reasonably Important Anime Guy Goes FURU HONORARY ARYANU!

Daily Stormer
February 4, 2018

This guy worked on Akira as a key animator, among other things. I had initially wanted to put another scene, but I could only find that one dubbed because FUCKING NORMIE SCUM!!!

I say “reasonably important” because most people outside of Japan can’t recognize his name, and probably most in Japan either.

But Kazuyoshi Yaginuma is an important man in the anime industry, primarily as a key animator – which is an important job in the animation industry, and recently as a director as well.

Now some bugman from America found out he’s been posting, liking and reposting badthink on Twatter for years:

Other bugmen, as well as some subhumans, quickly joined in on the signaling.

I could keep on posting these, but you get the idea.

LOL at the nigger whose entire kind never created anything more complicated than a shitty hut made out of straw and mud, but is telling us what CURRENT YEAR should be like.

Still, this seems like a very small reaction, considering how things like these usually go.

The thread about this on MAL, which is the biggest anime forum in the world as far as I know, has gathered 14 posts at the time of writing, and a couple of those are on his side:

So it does seem that, for the most part, people who watch Anime in the Western world just don’t care about this, just like most Japs for that matter.

Yaginuma worked on a lot of popular anime in the animation department, the most famous of these being Akira and Naruto: Shippuden, and last year in 2017 made his debut as a director with Net-juu no Susume, a romantic comedy anime about a 30-year-old quasi-autistic woman who quits her job to fulfill her dream of spending all day playing MMORPGs.

The latter is a genuinely good show, plot aside, so you should at least try watching a couple of episodes from a legal source.

Still, I can’t help but appreciate Japan for being a much freer country than any White country in the world today.

In North America, this guy would’ve lost his job.

In Western Europe, he would’ve lost his job and probably spent some time in prison too.

Even here in Eastern Europe, there would’ve been some people whining about it, and maybe a few dozen junkies protesting on behalf of Soros.

But in Japan, nobody gives a shit about it.

Because Japan, unlike White countries, doesn’t have it’s media run entirely by kikes.

And that really makes all the difference in the world.