Japan: Politician Says That Gay Rights Would Destroy Tokyo

It’s Haruto and Himari, not Haruto and Hinata, okay?

Japan might not have women’s empowerment or mass immigration yet.

But the corrosive elements continue to chip away at one of the last free nations.

Sora News 24:

Currently, there is no nation-wide law protecting Japan’s LGBT community from discrimination. Laws protecting LGBT individuals are dependent on the city and prefecture, some which have acknowledged same-sex partnerships or even passed laws against outing closeted individuals.

However, recently the re-examination of the lack of such legislation has resurfaced when a Tokyo assemblyman claimed that providing legal protection to LGBT individuals would have negative consequences on his district.

78-year-old Masateru Shiraishi, one of the assemblymen representing Tokyo’s northwestern Adachi district, has come under fire for this following statement:

“If we are to talk about protecting the lesbians and gays by law, then my district will ultimately face ruin.”
The motivation behind his comment comes from his irrational, bigoted fear that, in his own words, “If all Japanese people were lesbian and gay, then the next generation would not be born.” It’s an absurd, small-minded reasoning, to say the least.

Masateru’s fellow assembly members from Adachi district did not take kindly to his comments. In fact, the assembly leader, Akira Shikahama, delivered a stern warning to Masateru, asking him to apologize for his comments. However, instead of apologizing for his previous statement when confronted, Masateru opted to make his hurtful remark into an even bigger storm of trouble by doubling down.

He followed up with a quip:

“Even if I make someone uncomfortable, so what?”

Good point.

I have a hard time believing that a significant portion of the Japanese population cares about homosexuals having rights, or even not being killed.

Frankly, I don’t think any of this other stuff is possible without first empowering women.

They’ve got a serious distance to bridge on that front.