Japan: Olympics Boss Forced to Resign for Saying Women Talking Too Much is Annoying

Yoshiro Mori: Goodnight, sweet prince.

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Well lads, it seems as though they’ve cracked Japan.

There goes your source of all white video games and cartoons.

It’s so sad to do this to this old man. These people really are soulless monsters.

TIME Magazine:

The head of the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee is stepping down from his job after more than a week of backlash for his sexist remarks—but experts say it’s hardly a victory for women’s rights in Japan.

What’s more, Yoshiro Mori’s resignation—which he told Nippon TV news will be formally announced Friday—likely would not have happened were it not for the international attention over his comments, experts say.

On Feb. 3, Mori, 83, said at an Olympics committee meeting that women talk too much in meetings. “If we increase the number of female board members, we have to make sure their speaking time is restricted somewhat, they have difficulty finishing, which is annoying,” he reportedly said.

Mori, who served as prime minister from 2000-2001, apologized the next day, but said that he was not considering resigning.

“There have been a lot of these kinds of comments from politicians and people so many times before, but they never resign,” says Kazuko Fukuda, who started a petition calling for action to be taken against Mori. She points to top ruling party politician Koichi Hagiuda, who in 2018 caused a furor when he said that raising infants and toddlers is a job for mothers. Following his comments, he was appointed in 2019 as Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology—a job he still holds.

Yes, yes. Now it’s time to get rid of that sexist piece of shit who said that women should raise children. Of course.

Japan is about to feel the whirlwind.

Women and Jews have been trying to crack this nut for decades, and forcing this old man into humiliating resignation over something so benign as “women talking too much is annoying” is the in-road they needed.

In Japan, I’m sure there are going to be people pushing back. But it doesn’t matter. This Western campaign has unlimited resources, and they always get what they want.

This revolution in Japan mean that all of your video games and cartoons will now be subjected to very strict politically correct regulations.

No more wholesome all-white video games for you, goy.