Japan Officially Ends State of Emergency

Still wearing masks…

Several countries are now attempting to go back to normal.


Japan fully came out of a coronavirus state of emergency for the first time in more than six months as the country starts to gradually ease virus measures to help rejuvenate the pandemic-hit economy as the infections slowed.

At Tokyo’s busy Shinagawa train station, a sea of mask-wearing commuters rushed to their work despite an approaching typhoon, with some returning to their offices after months of remote work.

The emergency measures, in place for more than half of the country including Tokyo, ended Thursday following a steady fall in new caseloads over the past few weeks, helping to ease pressure on Japanese health care systems.

Outgoing Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga thanked the people for their patience and cooperation, and asked them to stick to their basic anti-virus measures.

“Once again, I seek your cooperation so that we can return to our daily lives feeling safe,” he said.

Manila opened back up this week too.

It’s possible that Asia or other areas will stop cooperating with this lunacy. But for white people, there is no chance.

We are going into child vaccines and then into regular boosters, and many of the “emergency” measures are going to remain for the rest of our lives or until the empire ends.

All the signs point to America going back into a full lockdown in the next couple months.