“Japan Needs More Foreign Blood!” Whines Journalist (Who Just Happens to be Jewish)

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2018

Meet Jake Adelstein, the inbred Jewish rodent who works as an “investigative journalist” for several liberal rags.

Jake is a little more forward-thinking than other Jews. While other Jews continue to use white countries as their hosts, Jake chose to dig his hooked proboscis into the flesh of a nation whose blood remains fresh and untapped: Japan.

Since becoming an expat, Jake has worked hard to gnaw at the moral foundations of Japanese society. He’s attacked Japan’s ruling party for being anti-LGBTP, attacked the president himself for liking Adolf Hitler and befriending racists, attacked Japs who advocate for apartheid in Japan… in fact, he’s attacked just about everyone and everything that would prevent Japan from going down the same dark path that the West did.

This week, Jake decided to go back to the basics and attack Japan for not having enough coloreds!

The Daily Beast:

There’s a Japanese saying most high-school students here know, “If you win, you’re the Imperial Army. If you lose, you’re scurvy pirates.” It’s still very applicable to sports in modern Japan, especially when the players are of mixed race. “If you win, you’re Japanese. If you lose, you’re a hafu (half-Japanese).”

When Naomi Osaka became the first Haitian-American and Japanese woman to win the U.S. Open tennis tournament this month, suddenly most of Japan embraced as her fully Japanese. No scurvy pirate she! Everybody loves a winner. Half-Iranian and half-Japanese major league pitcher Yu Darvish would be another example.

Who, exactly, embraced Naomi as “fully Japanese” in Japan?

Does Jake expect us to believe that most Japs consider that diabolical nig-nip to be in any way like them?

But apart from ebullient praise for super athletes, Japan’s xenophobia runs deep, and it’s something the country will have to conquer if it hopes to be a winning nation—not just an opportunistic fanboy.

I dunno Jake, homogeneous Japan seems to be “winning” to me. I mean, once white men went over there and gave those little gooks electricity… wew, they hit the ground running.

Meanwhile, let’s see how mongrelized nations are doing in comparison:





Everyone with half a brain understands what I’m talking about, and since Jake has more than half a brain, I imagine he understands it too.

Perhaps this Jew is not motivated by a conscious desire to see Japan flourish, but by an unconscious genetic drive to see all that is pure and uncontaminated in this world fall to ruin?

NHK, Japan’s state-controlled media, declared, “Naomi Osaka has beaten the American”―seeming to forget that Osaka is also an American citizen. In particular, Japan’s mixed-race nationals saw a kind-of validation in her victory. Chelsea Sakura Bailey, the 25-year-old-daughter of veteran Tokyo reporter James Bailey and Yurika Bailey, cried with tears of joy watching Osaka win. She texted The Daily Beast, “I hope her victory will make Japanese look at people who are not ‘full’ Japanese as an inspiration rather than just ‘different.'”

Yeah, that’ll happen. Hapas, mulattos and other mongrels will always remain the ideal footsoldiers for the Jews because they lack a race or true nation of their own, thus will always harbor a deep-seated resentment of groups who do possess them.

These people are almost as much of a cultural threat to homogeneous societies as the kikes themselves.

In many ways, Osaka’s victory has raised questions about what it means to be Japanese and whether Japan is ready to create the multiracial society it needs to survive and thrive as a nation. It really does need to do this—the numbers say as much, but we’ll get to that later.

Does this line of reasoning sound familiar?

These Hebes just can’t help themselves; they have to corrupt everything, and it doesn’t matter how many goys remind them that this is the sort of behavior that leads to fake incidents involving fake shower rooms.

Seriously, here’s Adelstein’s Twitter account. He’s constantly being attacked by righteous anti-Semites for attempting to undermine Japanese society and, in true Jew style, he is biologically and spiritually incapable of internalizing their advice:

That doesn’t mean we should stop sending him tweets, though. Our messages will never get through to him, but they might get through to English-speaking Japs and other groups that’ll benefit from learning why these nation-wreckers have been expelled from over 100 locations worldwide.