Japan: Most Japs Think They Have Enough or Too Much Immigration

Daily Stormer
November 16, 2018

If you want advice on how to deal with ethnic and racial issues, a monkey imitating human language on the propaganda outlet of an open-air moslem rape camp run by Jews is the best place to get it

Our anime appears to be safe.

For now, at least…

Voice of Europe:

A projection shows that the country’s population could shrink by tens of millions by 2065. To counter the population decrease, some suggest immigration could be a solution.

Why should a country with roughly the same population as Russia, cramped on a few resourceless islands with a smaller surface than Norway, be desperate to halt a population decline?

I’m not saying they shouldn’t do anything about it, of course I want Japs to breed more, because more Japs means more anime, but there is no real urgency to it.

As for any economic arguments, those are just straight up lies – Japan has one of the most aged populations in the world, and one of the lowest immigration rates in the world, and they have roughly the same or higher per capita GDP as all of the “enriched” and “vibrant” countries in the West.

The crimes niggers, Arabs, gypsies, pakis, mestizos and other assorted vermin commit is an enormous net loss bigger than any “contribution” they could ever make, and that’s not even counting all the other forms of economic devastation they bring.

There are probably more cars torched in Paris on New Year’s Eve than there have been in Japan in the last couple of decades. I’m serious, I searched for “cars set on fire in Japan” and variations of it, and couldn’t find a single example. Half the results were about Sweden.

Meanwhile, being a cop in Japan is less dangerous than just walking the street in most Western cities.

But the Japanese clearly don’t want more migration into the country. Last year the country accepted only 20 of about 20,000 asylum requests by refugees and 45 people were allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds.

Friendly advice to any Japs reading this – a single one is too much.

Even if it’s only part of one – like, a Somalian fleeing the brutal civil war in Syria who has no arms or legs: still too much.

A poll carried out earlier this year showed that 58 per cent of Japanese don’t want more migration and 13 per cent want even less migration into the country.

With 71 per cent, the Japanese overwhelmingly support the idea of not accepting more than 65 refugees per year and 13 per cent want even fewer.

About 1.8% of Japan’s population are non-Japanese, and most of those are either of the same race (Chinks and Koreans) or White people.

And yet most Japs still want less.

Must be nice living in a country where the majority of the population isn’t staring into enemy propaganda 24/7…

In most White countries, you can lose your job and go to prison just for literally repeating things Jews say.