Japan: Man Arrested for Trying to Marry Woman Without Telling Her

Poor guy was just trying to be romantic and this slut gets him arrested.

Sora News 24:

There comes a time in some people’s lives when the urge to settle down and get married kicks in. However, marriage requires hard work and patience to lay a solid foundation through a series of major steps, the hardest of which is asking someone out in the first place.

Wouldn’t it be nice to skip all that fear of rejection and subsequent emotional investment, and just get right to the honeymoon? That’s what one 39-year-old man in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture thought, but paid the price for it.

In late September of last year, the man walked into his local government office and submitted the necessary documents to register for marriage with a woman in her thirties. All the paperwork was in order and signed in the traditional Japanese manner of a hanko stamp bearing the owner’s family name.

The only problem was that the woman had no idea what was happening. Although everyone has one unique registered hanko for signing documents, less official back-up stamps can also be easily bought at most stationery stores for less important purposes like signing for packages or letters from school. While such a stamp wouldn’t hold up if challenged in court, it was enough to pass a basic check in this case.

Presumably, after either the man or the government broke the news to the new bride, she immediately called the police. They were then able to cancel the marriage registration before it was finalized. The man was arrested for forgery and is said to have admitted to the charges, telling police that he wanted to marry the woman because he liked her.

This is definitely another one of those “sigh, I wish we had the type of crimes they have in Japan in my country” stories.

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