Japan: Japanese Woman’s Severed Head in a Bag After Date with “American Man”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 26, 2018


Gonna go ahead and predict this is a US soldier. That is just the most likely.

It could also be a black guy, though it would be weird for a Japanese girl to be meeting a black guy.

Fox News:

The severed head of a missing woman was reportedly found in a suitcase in Osaka, Japan, police said on Saturday.

Police, who have been investigating the disappearance of a woman from Hyogo, allegedly found the head at a lodging facility in the Nishinari Ward of Osaka, the Japan Times reported.

A few days before finding the head, police arrested a 26-year-old American man for allegedly “confining” the unnamed missing woman in an apartment in Osaka, according to the Japan Times.

The man, who is also currently unnamed, was seen walking into the apartment building with the woman on Feb. 16, security footage shows. But the woman was never seen leaving the building, the Japan Times reported.

Shortly before her disappearance, the woman said on Instagram that she was going to meet a man named “Jay.”

The Japanese absolutely do not look kindly on this short of thing, and could well go ahead and create some kind of a diplomatic incident over it, depending on what the details turn out to be.

The Japs had huge protests when the American negroid military contractor a couple years ago was arrested for raping and murdering a Jap girl, and called for the US military bases to be shut down.

Imagine that mindset – the idea that a foreigner in your country represents a group. Meanwhile in the West, we have people from foreign countries openly identifying as representing a group killing us on a mass scale a we are told that if we even consider looking at them as members of a group, we are pure evil.

The thing about this is: looking at people as members of groups is basic pattern recognition. If you eat a fruit and it makes you sick, you don’t just keep eating the same fruit over and over again and getting sick – you recognize that that fruit is making you sick. Pattern recognition is the most fundamental element of learned behavior. This is a basic survival function of all mammals (even rats can learn to play basketball, which is a pattern-recognition based learned behavior) – and on the evolutionary scale, a function of all living beings.

Speaking of rat basketball – I think the Jews are trying to keep people from knowing about rat basketball, because when you learn that rats can play basketball, you ask yourself “but wait then what is the point of niggers?”

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