Japan is Beginning to Ban Non-Japanese Tourists From Popular Spots Due to Misbehavior

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 7, 2019

The Japanese are tired of rude foreigners doing all kinds of things they’re not supposed to do, and they’re starting to ban them.


Tourist sites in Japan are starting to refuse non-Japanese visitors because of their unruly behaviour and bad manners.

As locals become increasingly frustrated by the actions of foreign visitors, one particularly popular temple now has signs out the front, in a variety of languages, telling tourist groups they’re not welcome if they’re not Japanese, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun reports.

A pub owner in Kyoto, one of Japan’s biggest tourism drawcards, said he had started to tell groups of foreigners his venue was already full, even if it wasn’t.

He said he was sick of travellers bringing in food from outside and putting out cigarettes on plates or on the floor.

I want Kyoto to stop staging promotional campaigns targeting foreign sightseers,” he said.

Meanwhile, the chief priest at Nanzoin temple in Fukuoka Prefecture, which has put up the multi-language “no foreigners” signs, said problems started about 10 years ago when “20 to 30 buses of overseas sightseers would flock to the temple daily” after arriving on cruise ships, Asahi Shimbun reported.

Bad behaviour from tourists included playing loud music, splashing in sacred waterfalls and even climbing on buildings.

The priest, Kakujo Hayashi, 65, said he and other priests had been unsuccessful trying to pull tourists up on their bad behaviour, which was driving away local worshippers.

“I want to accept all worshippers, but there are limitations to our capacity,” Hayashi said. “We have no choice but to take measures to protect the place of prayer on our own.”

Takao Ikado, an associate professor of tourism management at the Takasaki City University of Economics, said Japan’s central and local governments should educate tourists about the social rules that should be observed in the country, such as being clean and staying silent in some circumstances.

Japanese people sound pretty reasonable here. Why should they bend over backwards to accommodate lousy tourists that disrespect their culture, their sacred places, their land, and their cities?

This “refugees welcome” thing where monkeys are allowed into civilization is a Western delusion. Reasonable people don’t want monkeys roaming free in their land.

What’s happening right now with the Japanese people realizing foreigners are pieces of shit is actually good for them. They should start pushing their government to shut down all forms of immigration and impose strict rules for tourism, North Korea style.

That way they can keep their dignity — which is something the West already lost — and they can protect their way of life and their people.

In case you think the West has any dignity left:

Don’t worry, we can have our dignity back after we’ve gassed the kikes.

That said, this is a good thing. Japanese people should protect the Japanese culture.

They should also bring the Samurai back.

The above are real pictures of actual samurai taken between 1863 and 1900.