Japan: Honorary Neo-Nazis Using More and More Robots, Still Refusing Diversity

Daily Stormer
March 31, 2018

Not only are these people old, but they’re gonna die without ever having eaten authentic meat on a stick with authentic E-Coli from an authentic paki who authentically wipes his ass with his authentic left hand

I know I’ve written a lot of times about this, but… It always irritates me.

The disgusting lies that the kikes tell us.

Japan Times:

Paro the furry seal cries softly while an elderly woman pets it. Pepper, a humanoid, waves while leading a seniors’ exercise group. The upright Tree guides a disabled man taking shaky steps, saying in a gentle feminine voice, “right, left, well done!”

Robots have the run of Tokyo’s Shintomi nursing home, which uses 20 different models to care for its residents.

That sounds a lot better than anything niggers would be doing.

Nursing homes are no longer an option, unless you really really hate your parents for some reason

Allowing them to help care for the elderly — a job typically seen as requiring a human touch — may be a jarring idea in the West. But many Japanese see robots positively, largely because they are depicted in popular media as friendly and helpful.

If it’s a job that needs a human touch, why hire subhumans to do it?

Every robot I have ever seen was more human than a nigger, arab, mestizo or any kind of sub-continental.

“These robots are wonderful,” said 84-year-old Kazuko Yamada after the exercise session with SoftBank Robotics Corp.’s Pepper, which can carry on scripted dialogues. “More people live alone these days, and a robot can be a conversation partner for them. It will make life more fun.”

Life can actually be fun even when you’re old.

You got your garden, church, grandchildren, and all sorts of other stuff to distract you from your arthritis.

But if you live in a country where kikes run your media and use it to flood your territory with beasts in semi-human figure, that’s not how it works.

If you live in one of those, being old just makes you more attractive prey.

 But plenty of obstacles may hinder a rapid proliferation of elder care robots: high costs, safety issues and doubts about how useful — and user-friendly — they will be.

They’re better in literally every way than non-Whites are, that’s for sure.

Cheaper, safer and more “user-friendly” than LaQueefa will ever be.

The government, which hopes Shintomi can serve as a model in harnessing the country’s robotics expertise to cope with a graying population, has been funding the development of elder care robots to help fill a projected shortfall of 380,000 specialized workers by 2025. Despite steps to allow foreign workers in for elder care, obstacles to employment in the sector, including exams in Japanese, remain. As of the end of 2017, only 18 foreigners held nursing care visas, a new category created in 2016.

That’s far, far too many.

I mean, if they’re White people or chinks or something, that should be okay.

But if you start bringing in darkies, you’re gonna have huge problems eventually.

But authorities and companies here are also eyeing a larger prize: a potentially lucrative export industry supplying robots to places such as Germany, China and Italy, which face similar demographic challenges now or in the near future.

“It’s an opportunity for us,” said Atsushi Yasuda, director of the robotic policy office at the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). “Other countries will follow the same trend.”

Yeah, that’s another thing about using advanced technology instead of pre-industrial farm equipment – it creates a bunch of well-paying jobs for the young, and stimulates research.

But even knowing that fact is PURE HATRED!

More than 100 foreign groups have visited Shintomi in the past year. A few products are trickling out as exports: Panasonic Corp. has started shipping its robotic bed, which transforms into a wheelchair, to Taiwan. Paro is used as a “therapy animal” in about 400 Danish senior homes.

These nips haven’t seen Roujin Z!

Transforming beds are always a bad idea.

There is absolutely no benefit of any kind to bring in third-worlder into White countries.

This idiotic argument that we need monkeys as workers or whatever does not exist, it is a flat out lie.

And that’s what I want everyone reading this to know: you have been lied to on this (and countless other things) all your life, and you have to get that these are lies and nothing else.

Any White country in the world is basically just one generation of sane government policies away from being better than Japan, but that can’t happen so long as we have a hostile tribe of humanoid desert rats controlling our media.

Once we solve that, we’ve solved basically everything.

One day, this will be ours, as it was meant to be