Japan: Department Store Under Fire for Offering Women Badges to Wear Denoting That They’re Menstruating

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 1, 2019

Asians are fundamentally incapable of understanding the concept of political correctness. So when they try to do it, they end up with things like period badges.

The Telegraph:

A Japanese department store is under fire over a controversial policy enabling female staff to wear special red badges when they are menstruating.

The unusual initiative was recently introduced Daimaru Umeda department store in Osaka, with the goal of encouraging empathy among co-workers when they were on their period.

However, the company said that it was now reconsidering the plan following a growing public backlash over the badges, which depict a red manga cartoon character called Seiri-chan (which roughly translates as Miss Period).

“We received many complaints from the public,” an unnamed male executive at the store told Reuters. “Some of them concerned harassment, and that was definitely not our intention. We’re reconsidering plans now.”

He added that the store had not intended to make the badge compulsory, with the initiative launched to coincide with the opening of its new Women’s Wellbeing section.

The badge was reportedly available to around 500 female members of staff, with the intention of helping staff recognise when colleagues with their period might need extra help or a break.

Seiri-chan, a character with a heart-shaped face and big red lips, has become something of a hit in recent months in Japan, a nation where public talk of women’s bodies and periods is often taboo.

The brainchild of manga artist Ken Koyama, Seiri chan features in the popular comic Little Miss P – alongside catchily-named characters such as Little Miss PMS and Mr Virginity – and even starred in her own live-action comedy released this month.

The workplace has long been a challenging place for Japanese women, with the nation often lagging far behind many other developed countries in terms of gender equality.

I know exactly how this happened. They are hearing about political correctness and the need to be sensitive as part of workplace training. And so someone came up with the idea of the period badge, and they asked female employees, who agreed that this would be helpful.

Then white women found out about it and lost their shit.

It’s confusing why this is politically incorrect if you don’t understand what political correctness is on a visceral level. Basically, you have to have been brainwashed from childhood in order to really grasp it.

If someone just tells you “it’s about being sensitive and not hurting people’s feelings, while treating everyone equally and helping those who have a hard time,” you automatically think “oh, I know – period badges!”

But that whole “equality” part is about pretending that there are no differences between the sexes at all, if it comes to anything that can be perceived as a weakness of women. And obviously, menstruation is a weakness of a woman. Men do not have this problem. So instead of dealing with this rationally, it is supposed to be hidden, and when a woman is on her period, that just means she gets to do more of what she always does at work – nothing.