Japan: Demented Gender Ideology Seeping Into Kindergartens

The problem is still contained – but for how much longer?

Japan Today:

Nursery schools and kindergartens in Japan are struggling to teach preschoolers about sexual minorities, a challenge highlighted by the case of a 6-year-old boy who stopped attending a nursery after being bullied for dressing in girl’s clothing.

The boy enrolled in a municipal nursery school in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture, in April 2019. His parents later learned that he was being taunted by classmates, who would call him names such as “boy-girl.” In barely legible handwriting, the boy scrawled “left out,” “beaten up,” “go away” and other messages on a piece of paper he showed his parents.

But when the parents consulted with the municipal government, they were told that “bullying did not apply in this case” since a law aimed at preventing school bullying was only applicable to elementary school students and older.

After the parents’ repeated pleas for the situation to be addressed, the city in November 2020 admitted the presence of bullying at the nursery and apologized that its “response to the problem had been inappropriate.” By then, however, the boy had refused to go to school for nearly a year and a half.

The law in question, which came into force in 2013, was enacted following the 2011 suicide of a second-year junior high school boy who had been bullied at a school in Otsu.

Although the law was not enacted with nursery school students in mind, “bullying can occur in early childhood,” said Toshiyuki Kasugai, graduate school professor at Ritsumeikan University and chair of a committee set up by the Otsu government to protect children from bullying.

For that reason, nursery schools and kindergartens should address problems faced by sexual minorities among preschool children “based on the principles of the law,” said Kasugai.

As understanding has progressed regarding sexual minorities, such as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals, parents have become more accepting. As a result, there is likely to be an increase in cases like the one involving the boy in Otsu that will require nurseries and kindergartens to address the needs of sexual minorities among preschool children.

The nursery the boy attended tried teaching the children about gender identity issues, and requested that they “value the feelings of their friends,” but still was unable to stop the taunts.

Japanese 6-year-olds have bigger balls than the average adult American.

But Japan, unfortunately, doesn’t have the ability to shut the faucet off. They are occupied by American troops, which means that they cannot shut Twitter and Facebook down, nor can they eject the various NGOs promoting this filth.

Because Asian brains naturally have a status that is not totally different than what we call “autism” in the West, it is difficult to really hit them with this stuff. But we are seeing the slow seep, the slow creep, as the poison takes hold.

Japs have their own poison to grapple with as well, which doesn’t help the situation any. They have their own sick porno, deranged cartoons, and breeding issues.

Nowhere in the world can remain untouched by this disease that the Jews created.

It is a disease designed to swallow everything it touches.