Japan: Best Koreans Deported Straight Back to Best Korea Without a Second Thought

Daily Stormer
December 13, 2017

This GIF has nothing to do with the article… Or does it?

In the formerly western world, there is this thing that you can’t send invaders back to their own countries if they’re not deemed “safe” without anyone ever mentioning that the reasons said countries aren’t “safe” is that they’re infected by the exact type of humanoid garbage that just jumped the fence over into Europe.

North Korea is generally considered to be an unpleasant place, what with the concentration camps, constant famines and the risk of having your entire family exterminated because some bureaucrat thinks that you might, at some point, think unpleasant things about the guy ruling your country, which is basically standard practice for every communist country that has ever existed and will ever exist.

The Japs, for some reason, don’t seem to give a kuso about this, and just send the fuckers back to where they came from just because.

Why can’t we do the same? I’ll tell you why.

It’s because we’re bombarded with non-stop, 24/7 propaganda from the kike media.

The Japs, on the other hand, watch anime.

Is this not a good enough reason to start watching anime?

Can any of you still deny the connection between anime-watching and kike-gassing?

Japan Today:

Six of 10 North Korean “fishermen” rescued from a tiny wooden boat drifting off northern Japan will be deported back to their country, an immigration official told AFP Tuesday.

Three of the crew have been arrested on suspicion of theft after they reportedly admitted to “taking out” electronic products from a remote Japanese island where they landed briefly to take refuge.

They are suspected of stealing a variety of items — including fridges, TV sets and even a door knob.

“Dude, we just made it to a country that has food and won’t kills us for no reason.”

“Awesome! Let’s steal door knobs LMAO!”

 The ten men were first spotted by the coast guard as their dilapidated boated drifted into waters off the island of Hokkaido.

“The immigration office in Hokkaido has started deportation procedures” for the six crew members, immigration official Koichi Tanaka told AFP.

But Best Korea is not a democracy! And it’s not safe because their government is mean to people!

Are you telling me sending people back to where they belong is really an option?

Why can’t they just live on welfare and get community service for gang-raping Jap girls?

This is what democracy and human rights look like, you stupid goyim

Dozens of North Korean fishing vessels wash up on Japan’s coast every year, but last month Japanese coast guard ships registered 28 cases, the highest monthly number since records began in 2014.

Experts say some North Korean fishermen are travelling far out to sea in order to satisfy government mandates for bigger catches.

In Best Korea, not being the best fisherman can lead to death. Which I don’t think is a bad idea, to be honest.

In decadent capitalist societies, fishermen just fuck the first fish they catch

But their old and poorly equipped vessels are prone to mechanical and other problems, including running out of fuel, and there are few ways for them to call for rescue.

Some experts have warned that once they are deported, they may be executed as the North Korean authorities fear they must have been turned into Japanese spies.

And this is Japan’s problem… Why, exactly?

The Japs, just like every other nation in the world, made a country for themselves specifically to care for themselves.

Whatever happens in North Korea is not their problem, anymore than what happens in Syria is our problem.

It’s shocking, really, how many of these (((insurmountable demographic problems))) are just easily fixed when you don’t have 90% of the population staring at enemy propaganda from cradle to grave.

When I tell you people that watching anime helps defeat the kikes – I’m only half-joking.

Whatever you do, stop watching the MSM, and start figuring out ways to hurt kikes instead.

On a related note – Made in Abyss is the best anime made in the current CURRENT YEAR.

It has lots of specifically Jap weirdness, more so than most other anime, but it’s still a masterpiece.

So next time you wanna watch (((something))) on (((Netflix))), just cancel your subscription and watch anime instead.

The kikes are already shitting on your country, no reason to let them shit in your brain too.

Nobody ever won a war by staring at enemy propaganda all day.

It might look like a kid’s show, but it’s actually for grown-ups with a functional brain