Japan Bails Out Hookers as Americans Fantasize About UBI

A hooker is a small business and the gooks are bailing them out during this time of economic crisis.

This is a lot more logical than bailing out banks the way America is doing. America is bailing out multinational corporations – that is, corporations which are not even exclusively operating in the country!

New York Post:

Japan is trying to give sex workers a leg up during the coronavirus pandemic.

The nation is offering financial aid to members of the oldest profession whose job prospects have gone limp amid social distancing — but regulations make it difficult for those in the stigmatized industry to apply without outing themselves, according to a new report.

The country’s central government launched a massive stimulus package worth about 108 trillion Japanese yen — nearly $1 trillion — to bolster the country during the impending economic downturn.

It will be interesting to see if any country is able to use these bailouts to fix their economy. I’m expecting that no one is going to do well, but some European countries and probably Japan and South Korea will do a lot better than America. China is going to basically be fine as well.

The US is just so cartoonishly corrupt that it cannot possibly manage this level of crisis.

We are not going to get anything other than whatever it takes to keep us from rioting.

The reddit leftists getting all excited for Universal Basic Income (UBI) are well-intentioned I’m sure, but what kind of absolute baby do you have to be to not grasp just how corrupt America is?

Nancy Pelosi has $24,000 refrigerators.

Right now, there are people in a think tank figuring out how to prevent normal Americans from rioting for the least amount of money possible. A big part of that is going to be encouraging drug use, both by legalizing weed nationally and decriminalizing opioids.

The government is effectively going to launch a war against us, to try to keep us in a state of fear, despair, and general pacification, so that they can maintain the status quo amongst themselves. In order for them to maintain the status quo, they have to meet the demands first and foremost of the Jews and the mega-corporations.

The US has spent decades functioning as a powder keg, with the government pulling as much wealth as they can out of the masses of people while making sure to leave them enough that they don’t riot or do something like elect Donald Trump president. But in this new paradigm that the economic collapse has created, we’re not going to have anything for them to take from us, but they will still have to keep us from getting unmanageable.

Drugs are the single easiest and cheapest way to do that.

Other than drugs, they will give you something so you can eat. But that’s it. These reddit people are living in another reality.

All these posts and articles about UBI are citing Spain.

Well, Spain is a smaller country with a cohesive population and no multiculturalism, and the government is not nearly as corrupt.

The media is already framing the discussion along these lines.

So I think they are going to call whatever they do “UBI,” but it will barely give you enough to buy fentanyl.

The upside is that there’s a strong likelihood that the government will have to give up on its multiculturalism program, at least for a while. I think Trump is going to do as he said and ban immigration, and I think that is going to last for a while. I also think a lot of these Mexicans are going to pack up and go home in the early stages of this collapse, because subsistence farming is at least sustainable and probably not nearly as gloomy as a burned out America.